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Marc Schenker

Marc is a copywriter and content marketer who covered photography. These days, he runs The Glorious Company, a content marketing agency

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Urban Exploration Photography 101 With Miki Lansdowne

Urban exploration is one’s exploration of man-made structures that are typically abandoned ruins or elements of the man-made environment that are not readily seen by most people. You may have seen TV shows documenting urban exploration, but it’s not a subject we’ve really tackled in-depth at Photodoto…until now, that is.

Photo by Miki Lansdowne.

Photo by Miki Lansdowne.

Recently, I was contacted by Miki Lansdowne, an urban exploration photographer. Naturally, I gladly took this opportunity to find out more about this very unique niche in photography. Read more…

Architectural Photography Tips to Make Any Building and Structure Look Fantastic

Architectural photography is for people who have an eye for buildings and structures. It’s the art of taking pictures of buildings as well as structures that are aesthetically welcoming and trustworthy representations of their subjects. Many of the best photographers who specialize in this discipline are normally well-trained in the use of both sophisticated equipment and methods.

Photo by Karim Nafatni

Photo by Karim Nafatni

Architectural photography is essentially a verification of how society values the cultural and aesthetic significance of fine buildings and structures. By the 1860s, this discipline had already become a well-established niche in photography. Read more…

Holding Your Digital Camera Properly Like It’s Your Baby

When you own a digital camera, you’ve got to treat it right, almost as if it were your very own baby. Wait…just a second there! It IS your very own baby, so you had better hold it gently and carefully. If that’s not convincing enough for you, then maybe a practical reason will affect you better: To avoid buying a new and potentially expensive camera every now and again, learning how to hold it right is the key.

Phoot by Cavan Images

Phoot by Cavan Images

Further, learning how to hold your digital camera in the right way is also integral to snapping perfect shots each and every time. It’s almost like proper form at the gym during a workout. Do something right fundamentally, and you’ll get more effective results with whatever goal you’re gunning for. Read more…

Infographic Feature: Capturing Perfect Wedding Photos

There are many wedding photographers (or people who merely think they can shoot weddings), but there are also many who could brush up on their skills. That’s putting it lightly. We believe that wedding photography is basically a category onto itself because of the high degree of skill and specificity required to pull off shooting any wedding successfully.


We’ve covered wedding photography in the past, with a recent post about it appearing just a few weeks ago. Read more…

7 Ways of Marketing Your Photography to Get People to Notice You

Irony is hard at work in photography: Taking pictures appears to be the easiest aspect of working in the industry, yet the business side of photography is what confounds many a photographer. What’s going on here? Surely, not every photographer has mastered taking good shots, so how can he find that easy while finding it hard to take a business approach to his photography?

Marketing your photography is harder than you may think. Read more…

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