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Awesome Photodoto-ViewBug.com Contest Going on Right Now

I wanna take a minute just sittin right here to tell all of you about the super-fine contest that we have going on at the moment in partnership with ViewBug.com. It’s called the “Puddle Reflections Photo Contest,” and anyone can enter. This means YOU. That’s right…you sitting there…reading this right now. You.

Photo by Nejdet Duzen

Photo by Nejdet Duzen

It’s unbelievably easy and highly enjoyable. It takes hardly any effort on your part, yet you’ll still be in the running for some fantastic prizes that are second-to-none. Here’s how it works: Read more…

The Ultimate Five Secrets to Better-Looking Photographs

All photographers want their snapshots to turn out extremely well. This means pictures that are sharp, aesthetically appealing and sure to impress. Of course, many photographers don’t consistently turn out this type of quality in their photographs. These days, so many people are also pressed for time that they don’t really have the time or patience to study the masters until they perfect the techniques of taking better-looking photographs.

Fortunately for you, we now offer you the five secrets to better-looking photographs. You’d be surprised at how easily you can get to this level of photography. You don’t need to take an expensive course, neither do you have to spend years perfecting the art form. It all really comes down to knowledge being power. Read more…

50K Creative Professionals Creating Their Websites Code-Free With Webydo; See Why

Some of you may have already heard about Webydo, and some of you may have not, but that’s alright. You’ll probably be hearing plenty more about it in the future. Webydo’s a web-design platform that lets people create pretty rad-looking HTML websites that have a built-in CMS, too.


And they’re able to do all of this without even knowing the slightest thing about code. Naturally, we think it’s a great tool for photographers who are in need of their own portfolio website. Read more…

Valentine’s Day Photography Tips to Color You Red With Passion

Ah, amore. That’s what Valentine’s Day is all about, at least nominally. So whether you believe in love, don’t or just think it’s something that Hallmark made up to sell more cards, one thing can’t be denied. The occasion makes for a brilliant photography opportunity. It’s true!

Photo by Paolo Puopolo

Photo by Paolo Puopolo

Valentine’s Day allows for all sorts of unique and interesting photography because there’s so much that can reasonably fit into the “Valentine’s Day” category. Obviously, you’ll have pictures of people and even parts of the body (think holding hands, etc.), but there are also other opportunities such as special photo editing in post-processing and more. Read more…

Urban Exploration Photography 101 With Miki Lansdowne

Urban exploration is one’s exploration of man-made structures that are typically abandoned ruins or elements of the man-made environment that are not readily seen by most people. You may have seen TV shows documenting urban exploration, but it’s not a subject we’ve really tackled in-depth at Photodoto…until now, that is.

Photo by Miki Lansdowne.

Photo by Miki Lansdowne.

Recently, I was contacted by Miki Lansdowne, an urban exploration photographer. Naturally, I gladly took this opportunity to find out more about this very unique niche in photography. Read more…

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