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Excel at Underwater Photography Like You’re Part Fish

Underwater photography is an acquired taste that is both an art form and a means of obtaining data. Usually, scuba divers are the ones taking underwater photos, but this art form can also be carried out while diving on surface supply, just swimming, snorkeling or safely inside a submersible.

Photo by Marcus Pauli

Photo by Marcus Pauli

While underwater photography can be understandably difficult to successfully carry out, it is a highly sought-after photographic pursuit because it provides the chance to capture rare and unique images. Read more…

Improve Your Black-and-White Photography Skills

In today’s world of digital, taking pictures in black-and-white is something of a lost art form. Color is the dominant way to go, which is something of a pity. While color photography naturally provides a far wider range of shade, a big portion of the appeal of black-and-white photography is the relatively subdued monochromatic character.

Photo by Luke Bhothipiti

Photo by Luke Bhothipiti

Still seen as the purest version of photography, black-and-white photography doesn’t impede the viewer with distractions, which color photography does all day long. The fundamental building blocks of a picture are its form, lighting, tonal contrast, texture and shape. All these fine aspects get covered up when you add color to the mix. That’s why black-and-white photography is a real art form. Read more…

Mastering the 6 Absolute Basics of Digital Photography

They say that you should walk before you run, and before that, you should crawl before you can even walk. So, too, with digital photography: You have to understand the very bare essentials of the craft before you can even hope to become anything close to a seasoned pro. The biggest mistake that most photographers commit is they think they’re very sophisticated even though they don’t even have a handle on the utmost basics of digital photography.

Photo by Mark Greenwood

Photo by Mark Greenwood

Don’t be like these overly confident photographers who only assume they’re good, but really can’t tell an F-stop from a shutter button! To become a true master at photography, you have to go back to the basics and master them first. Read more…

The Guide of How to Succeed at Freelance Photography

Many photographers work freelance. It’s just the nature of the industry. You may believe that working freelance is the ideal life since it means no boss, no micromanagement and definitely no annoying co-workers to deal with on a regular basis. Not so fast, there!

Photo by Mark Hayes

Photo by Mark Hayes

Working freelance photography also means the potential of no regular paychecks, no support from fellow co-workers and somewhat of an isolated professional lifestyle. Depending on where you are in your career, it can really be downright challenging sometimes, both from a financial and a psychological standpoint. Read more…

The 5 Stupidest Photography Errors You Don’t Even Know You’re Making

They can happen to anyone who thinks he’s a good photographer. They can even happen to a professional photographer who has had years and years of experience in the industry! What…is “they?” In this case, “they” is a reference to the absolutely worst photography errors that you don’t even know you’re making.

Photo by Felicia Simion

Photo by Felicia Simion

No matter how good you are or think you are, they have a nasty penchant of creeping up on you just when you least expect them to. They can sometimes catch you off guard, or they can take advantage of your overconfidence. Either way, they’ll get you…they’ll always get you! Read more…

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