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Matt Dawson

Matt is a travel photographer, and freelance writer from Sydney Australia. He's currently living in, and exploring, Peru and failing hopelessly at speaking Spanish. You can follow Matt on Google+.

Website: mattgdawson.com

Twitter: mattgdawson

Google Profile: 100771671272095499353

7 Easy Steps To Take Your Photography Career To New Heights

We all know that being a successful professional photographer requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and a little bit of luck. The advice I hear most often is don’t bother trying, do it as a hobby. But for some of us, taking photos is something we have to do because there’s nothing else we’d rather be doing. So we decide to go pro.

Photo by Navid Baraty

Photo by Navid Baraty

But everyone has a camera these days, and almost anyone can take a solid photo. Put almost any dSLR on auto and point it at something interesting, and you’ll probably have a pretty good photo. How do you compete with a million people doing that, especially the ones calling themselves a professional photographer? Read more…