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Nancy Young

Nancy is a passionate freelance writer and blogger. She writes inspirational articles on web design, photography, and technology. She enjoys traveling, reading and meeting new people. Nancy believes in a magic of written words to inspire and motivate. Currently, she is working as a writer at PhotoBlog.

20 Digital Cameras for a Kid or How to Become a Photographer from an Early Age

Do you remember your first photo camera? I do remember mine. To be honest, it was my parents’ camera – Polaroid. I was ecstatic that the photo appears in no time. Something I saw around became a cute neat picture in a few minutes. There was great magic for me in this process, but when I grew older it was lost. The technical progress goes on. When I was a kid I couldn’t even dream of the cameras that are available today.

Photo by CarLee

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20 Epic Fake Pictures that Have Fooled the Whole World

Hey buddy! I just saw a photo of you naked! No, really.. it were you! Or maybe it’s a prank? No, it’s kind of other stuff that is called a fake photo.

Let’s try to figure out what makes these photoshopped pictures a real virus. Here you’ll find a few interesting facts that can be used to show off your intelligence on the next cocktail party or to impress a potential girlfriend on the first date.

The article is truly exciting and even shocking at some moments. Did you know that there is someone’s else body on the portrait of Lincoln? Or that Tom Cruise knows for sure how to hang out? You will know this and much more after reading this post.

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