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Nicholas Mitchell

Nicholas Mitchell

Nicholas is a staff writer at Photodoto. His interests include photography, collecting cameras old and new, video editing, and all things 3d. If a new gadget comes out on the market, he's sure to be the first to try it. He enjoys experimenting with low light photography, very long exposures and high speed filming.

Landscape Photography: Complete Guide for Beginners; Equipment, Settings, and Tricks

The breathtaking landscape before you is just begging to be photographed. The only problem is that you don’t know how to do it. You try taking a few images, but upon reviewing them your disappointment sinks in.


They don’t hold a candle to the real thing — and they certainly don’t look like those gorgeous landscape images that show up in your feed on Instagram.

What are you missing?

Find out here with this comprehensive guide to landscape photography. Once we’re done with you, those ho-hum images you took won’t look a thing like the dazzling ones you get on your next outing…

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10 Tips & Tricks to Make Your Instagram Images Look Beautiful For Beginners

Instagram has undoubtedly become one of the most popular image sharing sites. It is also a sweet spot for photographers and enthusiasts looking to get their pictures noticed. Of course, the popularity of Instagram has led to fierce competition. To help you stand out on this social media platform, I decided to share some Instagram photo tricks to make your images better, more noticeable, and beautiful.

Instagram Tips & Tricks 1

Have you ever posted a photo that didn’t get much attention? If you want to fix it, you came to the right place because the tips for Instagram photos I’m about to share with you will get you more likes, engagement, and more followers! Read more…

Here Is Why Mirrorless Cameras Have Shutters

Mirrorless cameras are becoming more and more popular not just with amateur photographers but with professional ones too. By doing away with the mirror system within the camera in favour of an electronic viewfinder and/or LCD screen the camera is able to be more compact, lighter and have smaller interchangeable lenses than its DSLR counterpart.


Using a sensor system similar to what you would find in your phone, it can be somewhat surprising that mirrorless cameras themselves still have shutters.

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Review of Tourbox Controller For Creators

Today I got to test out the Tourbox.  The company behind it claims its the “ultimate controller for creators”.  The Tourbox is said to be compatible with many programs including Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and Capture One, drawing software, like Clip Studio Paint, Comic Studio and SAI, or video and audio editing software, like Final Cut Pro, Premiere, After Effects, DaVinci, Audition and C4D. 

Lets see how it performs….

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