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Robert Bradley

Robert is a surrealist visual artist, photographer and journalist. Many of his photographs are exhibited throughout the world in private and corporate collections.

Rebellious Portrait Photography That Goes Against the Grain Like You Wouldn’t Believe

The world’s major fashion magazines are plump with advertising images of the size-zero models, with their flawless complexions and perfect bone structures. Much to the everyday girl’s dread, these images can also be found pretty much everywhere, especially in portrait photography.

However, imagine for a moment if these models weren’t perfect? Would the images have a greater impact? Would people engage more with what they were seeing? Read more…

The Zen Guide to Photographing Stars Like the True Master You Are!

Our fascination with the stars has lasted for eons. So it is no surprise that so many photographers rotate their lens into a vertical postion to capture these natural wonders!

Photo by Jay Daley

Photo by Jay Daley

But as many of you may have already found out, photographing stars can be a little tricky, as many factors come into play, and certainly the most irritating is that, in order to shoot them, you need a long exposure. To make matters worse, our dear old planet moves, ruining any exposures lasting several minutes, and the stars simply appear as faint lines. Read more…

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