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Tim Gilbreath

In addition to being a regular contributor at Photodoto, Tim is a web developer, photographer, and musician. He's also a gamer and retro/pop culture aficionado, and spends his days on the sunny West Florida coast. He maintains his website at TimGilbreath.com. You can also follow him on Twitter, @SarasotaTim.

Website: TimGilbreath.com

Twitter: SarasotaTim

Facebook: timgilbreath.photography

The Importance of Having a Photographic Style

Every art form that we as humans enjoy all have a common thread: They all have differing styles that set each apart and make them unique.

Photo by Iozertop Zertos

Photo by Iozertop Zertos

Photography is no different. Our art form has countless styles, forms and genres for us to explore. But why is it necessary for us to understand style? The simple answer is having a well–defined style allows us to stand out and be unique, which is necessary in today’s highly competitive photography market. Read more…

How to Change your Photography by Simply Changing your Perspective

Perspective…it is a central component of photography, although it’s one that you probably don’t actively consider when composing a shot.  For our purposes, perspective can be described as the dimensions of objects within a scene and the measurements between them as they correspond to the viewpoint of the camera.  This simply means how things appear in a composition from the camera’s point of view.

Photo by Isaac Gautschi

Photo by Isaac Gautschi

Keep in mind, this has nothing to do with the focal length of the lens or any electronic settings within the camera, but only how the scene physically exists between itself and your camera. Read more…

30 Ideas to Jump-start Your Photo Theme Project

Variety, not only the spice of life, is also one of the most beautiful things about the art form of photography; the number of possible subjects for a photo is almost limitless.  There are formats, within forms and within disciplines, and all we need to create a work of art is an idea, which can come to us at any time and in many ways.


Unfortunately, like with any creative medium, photographers can experience a block, or lack of ideas for a subject. Read more…

8 Reasons We’re Looking Forward to Springtime Photography

Ah, the changing of the seasons. For us photographers, most seasonal changes bring about opportunities to take great photos under differing conditions, and usually no change is more dramatic than the transition from winter to spring.  The world thaws into a new and color-dripped landscape, ripe for capturing its natural beauty through springtime photography.

There is always an influx of changes to flora and fauna, and a burst of color is injected into the landscape. There really is no better time to get out there and start shooting, so come out of hibernation and walk with us as we explore eight solid reasons to be excited about the coming spring and what it can do for your landscape and nature photography! Read more…

8 Ways to Prepare for an Awesome Landscape Photography Session

What is your photographic specialty?  Do you even consider yourself to have one?  The answer to these questions might depend on whether or not you’re a professional photographer or do it for the enjoyment of the hobby.

landscape photo of sunset

It’s a commonly known rule amongst professionals that you can usually maximize your success by concentrating in one or two specific disciplines or styles, whether it be wedding and engagements, kid and family or even food and product photography.  The thought process behind this is that spreading yourself too thin among many types can cause you not to excel at any in particular. Read more…