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Tina Zennand

Tina is a writer and blogger, passionate about design, photography and art. She is also a marketing/SEO manager for MotoCMS websites. Curious, a Google lover and coffee addict:)

The Art of Toy Photography: Amazing Examples

Toy photography is one of the most creative niches in the area that takes a lot of efforts and time to pull off. A talented photographer is able to breathe life into an inanimate object and make the composition clever, creative and fun. It is interesting that toy photography is also one of the strangest niches that some photographers love and others hate – the task is complicated and requires great ideas, much creative and patience. Professional photographers are not just making a photo of a toy, they are trying to make the object create an impression for the viewers. The toy photo should always have more behind it that the subject itself.

We have selected some really creative toy photo artworks to share with you. Try to catch the idea of each photo – it’s wonderful:)

Chris McVeigh

Oh Noes by Powerpig

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Flash E-brochures and Booklets for Commercial Use: Some Nice Examples

It’s become quite popular to present content for commercial use in the form of digital brochures. We now meet various booklets that aimed at delivering commercial info to the readers: product presentations, project descriptions, etc. A virtual brochure is a online alternative to a printed brochure or booklet. Such a booklet is usually very functional and has many benefits for both the project’s owner and a potential customer.

Today we have showcased for you some interesting examples of flash page flip brochures created for definite projects with the commercial purpose.

The Challenge Network E-brochure

This online page flip booklet has been created for “The Challenge Network” program. You can turn the pages with the arrow buttons or by dragging the edge of the page. It is possible to zoom the page either by clicking on the page or dragging the slider.

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The Bible of Inspiration: Eccentric Art and Flip Book Effect

Perhaps, you heard about the Beast Magazine  — an eccentric free online edition that was published in 2001-2002 years, every month. This “Bible of Inspiration” (as the editors called it) was created for web/print designers and “uncreative” creative directors to inspire them. Beast was focused on design, typography, art, illustration, photo and other kinds of creativity.

The magazine editorial team published 12 editions during that period of time. As it is said on their website, there won’t be any new Beast issues. But the 12 editions are still available online for viewing in the form of Flash flip books. And today we would like to share these pieces of art with you…


Beast #1

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Gorgeous Flash Websites with Page Flip Effect for Food-and-Drink Industry

The tendency of adding the page flip effect is gathering stream. As for food-and-drink industry, the  idea is still new, but really promising. What can be more impressive for a restaurant website than an interactive page flipping menu? Seriously, as for us, there is a niche that flip books work really great. The restaurant menu performed in the form of a Flash flipping book is not a very eye-catchy element only, but also a great way of presenting the variety of dishes to potential visitors.

Today we would like to show you some great food-and-drink industry Flash websites with page flipping effect. We are sure you will find the plenty of unusual solutions and inspiring ideas while browsing them!


Douwe Egberts

A colorful Flash website of the company that sells coffee machines for restaurants, hotels, etc. You can navigate the website by means of the menu on the top of the page. For each website categorythere is a separate section in the form of a book. You can flip the pages via the  section menu.


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Page Flip Effect for Your Business Flash Online Project: Creative Designs

The Flash websites with flipping effect is beloved not only by publishers and photographers who exhibit their works online, but it is also used for various commercial projects. This tendency is just starting to grow, but we are sure that in some time we will see many attractive, functional and stylish online commercial and business projects with page flipping navigation.

If a Flash flip book website is designed by a professional developer, it looks absolutely great, loads fast and impresses its visitors with convenient navigation and cool visual and sound effects. Due to Flash developers, now we have the advanced applications and tools for creating professional Flash websites with page flip effect at our disposal. If the digital book is Flash CMS based, it couldn’t be any easier for its owner to modify the website alone, without a professional’s help: add, edit or remove pages, buttons, images and other objects and elements.

Today we have collected the examples of business/commercial Flash websites with page flip effect. We hope you will like them, and perhaps, they will inspire your to your own digital project with page flip effect in Flash.



The Flash website of the advertising agency created in the form of a digital album with flipping effect. The website concept is really fresh and creative. Create something similar for your commercial project, if you want to have the same eye-catchy and unusual website.


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