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Artificial Lighting Recommendations for Beginners

At our studio, we incorporate many different types of lighting techniques and light sources into our repertoire so that we can be fully prepared for any type of lighting scenario. We utilize various types of artificial light sources into our in-studio sessions as well as our on-location photography shoots.


Cultivating and perfecting the use of artificial light is very important to achieve the desired lighting for a particular photograph and accomplishing a spot-on exposure every time, regardless of the availability of light.

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Ways to Get Amazing Smiles from Your Subjects

Photographing people is a deceptively simple process these days. It seems with the wide availability of high-quality photo equipment and digital editing software that every Tom, Dick, and Harry is now a professional photographer. The reality is that true pros know technical knowledge is not the only thing that sets them apart from the amateurs. Connecting with your subject when taking photos is the real difference in professional photography sessions. The ability to get to know your subject relatively quickly and put them at ease can turn a session into a fun, easy experience where, as a photographer, you’re able to capture the true essence of your subject.


Getting amazing smiles from your photography subjects is as easy as one, or all, of these 11 tips. We hope these will help you create memories that your clients will treasure for a lifetime.

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10 Lightroom Plugins You Should Use

Lightroom is one of Adobes most useful tools in its photography bag. It’s the companion to Photoshop, and it’s built more for image processing and visual editing, rather than the manipulation abilities that makes Photoshop so popular.

lightroom plugins-main Lightroom is one of the key tools any photographer should have in their tool belt.

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