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Daily Photo Blog

Yesterday I published the first daily photo on my shiny new photo blog. That’s the photo over there on the right. The blog, imaginatively named Eye Tales, is here.

I wanted to make it simple, both for me to add the daily photo and for visitors to navigate. I went with WordPress because I already have blogs with them so I’m familiar with managing and editing and, if you don’t mind having .wordpress.com in the address, it’s free.

The theme is called Duotone and is specifically designed for photoblogging. It has a couple of nice features, the first is the inclusion of some of the technical information from the camera (shutter speed, ISO, camera model, etc) which happens automatically without me having to input any of the info. The other feature I like is the changing of the blog background colours to compliment the photo.

The first day was easy, we took a trip to the beach so there was plenty of photo inspiration, but already today (day 2) I had to search around my apartment looking for something interesting to photograph during my lunch break! This is good though, this is forcing me to get my camera out and be a little creative. I didn’t add any words to the first two posts but I may do that in future posts, I certainly like that the option to add words is there.

If you’re inspired to try your own daily (or even not daily; weekly?, bi-monthly?) photoblog you can sign up for a WordPress blog here (this is by no means the only option, just the one I found most convenient) and get started. Let is know in the comments how it goes!

Ray Davis