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Do You Photoblog?

I was just procrastinating by browsing Wikipedia (is there any greater way to procrastinate?!) when I came across this entry on photoblogging. I do have a blog on which I sometimes post a photo if there’s one I particularly want to share and I have a Flickr account but I don’t have a dedicated photoblog. I’ve never needed one, most of my paid photography work has come to me by word of mouth or my Flick account. But now I’ve moved to a different country and getting photography work is going to require more than word of mouth and my Flickr account is a bit of a mess, with lots of photos and no organisation (more aimed at my friends than potential clients). Therefore I’m thinking of setting up a photoblog to aid in getting work in my new area. So I am looking at other photoblogs for inspiration, here are a few I like (for the photography and the site design):

Red Heart Photography – a nice photoblog from a professional photographer

Framed and Shot – a blog by a Norwegian couple living in Texas who are passionate about photography.

A.B.C Photography – by a Latvian who describes his photography as far from being a serious profession but rather a serious hobby.

Lightproofbox – from Photodoto’s very own John Watson.

Take the Lid Off – from a Canadian photography enthusiast.

What about you, do you photoblog? Do you have a favourite photoblog? Tell us in the comments section.

Ray Davis

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