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Celebration of Light: 50 Sparkling Fireworks Photography Examples to Inspire You

Since fireworks were created, people all over the globe have used them to pray for happiness, ward off evil spirits, celebrate birth, death, weddings, the New Year and any other occasions. Festive fireworks are a breathtaking sight when vivid, magic colors of light are exploding in the air for a few quick moments.

I believe every photographer comes up with his own idea of how to capture sparkling fireworks. But unfortunately, it’s not that easy to take amazing fireworks photos without any preparation. There are tons of different guides on how to photograph fireworks on the Internet, so follow one of them before shooting.

Fireworks are a beautiful, but fleeting sight. Spotting them takes just a few seconds; thus, it’s hard to catch a good shot. Moreover, fireworks happen during the nighttime, so photographers face both darkness and bright flashes of light. Despite all these difficulties, you shouldn’t be stopped! Take them as an encouragement to conquer new heights since photographing fireworks is an interesting experience. Today I put together 50 fantastic fireworks photography examples for you to get inspired.

Flowers in the night by Takk B

PRINTS – FIREWORKS VOL. 1 by Martin Gross

Fireworks by Piotr Micherewicz

Fireworks by Chris Voss

Grand finale by Takk B

San Francisco New Years Fireworks by Darvin Atkeson

Beautiful Twins by Takk B

‘Cause baby, you’re a firework by Papon Yongpisanpop

Fireworks over st. paul minnesota july 4th by Dan Anderson

Singapore ndp firework by Kenny Teo

Firework by Kenny Teo

Happy July 4th, San Francisco by Jingjing Li

Vibrance by Jonathan Danker

Happy 2014 From Vienna by Adrian Voros

Color of the Night by Korawee Ratchapakdee

Turn of the year by Stefan Thaler

Singapore 2012 National Day Fireworks by Kenny Teo

National Day Parade firework 2013 by Kenny Teo

Firework by Florian SEBASTIEN

Waikiki Fireworks by Altus Wilder

Happy New Year by F D

Golden Gate Bridge – 75th Anniversary by Daniel Leu

Kolner Lichter 2013 by Andreas Pohl

Floating Lanterns by Bank Charoensook

Bangkok firework by Keepitup Cool

French Firework by DamPhotography

Pattaya firework festival by Nutthavood Punpeng

Fireworks by nuic

Celebration of Light – Italy by elektrikheat

Rainbow of Fire by Darvin Atkeson

Happy Obligatory Fireworks Photo Day by Michael Bonocore

Reflection by Jayden Tey

Saint Petersburg by Valeriy Pritchenko

Armada 2013 Rouen by Matthieu PEGARD

French Firework by DamPhotography

sumiyoshi fireworks onomichi by KAZUKI OGATA

Firework in Trondheim, Norway by Aziz Nasuti

Bangkok Fireworks : Happy New Year 2014 by noomplayboy

Red Bombardment by Nazman Mizan

Firework by Shaji Manshad

Sparkling Marina by Alit Apriyana

Annihilation by Yuttakon Yuttakonkit

Fire in the Sky by Navalarp Teratanatorn

Firework by Blue on Blue

Canada Day Fireworks in White Rock, BC by Tyler Ingram

Red & Green Fireworks by Piyabut Sae-liang

Dubai 2014 Firework by Rajkumar

Fireworks at Taipei by Kit Leong

Bangkok New Year 2013 III by Thas Tangkijwanichakul

Fireworks by Magnus Honore

The Last Tip

I hope you like the showcase I shared above. Actually, there is no need to wait for some special holiday or the next Thanksgiving to take a photo of fireworks. You can buy fireworks yourself and arrange a celebration for your family and friends, at the same time as taking photo of the great fireworks in your own backyard. Here’s my last tip: You can make a fireworks photo more interesting by including different buildings in the background or spectators in the foreground. I think fireworks are similar to light painting, so don’t pass by my previous, inspiring showcase of light painting pictures!

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