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Flickr photo uploads by camera model

Over the past several months, I’ve been sampling the EXIF data of Flickr photo uploads. The Flickr API provides access to the EXIF data of all public photos uploaded to Flickr. Throughout the day, the EXIF data of recent uploads was sampled at a rate of about 9,600 photos per day. That’s approximately 1-2% of Flickr’s total daily upload volume. (Continue reading to see the chart.)

The data is collected and compiled automatically by week and a ranking of the top camera makes and models is generated every Monday. You can view that listing over at flagrantdisregard.com.

The graph below represents the data for the top DSLRs from May 1 through August 14, 2006. The vertical axis is the number of photos found that were created by a particular camera. The horizontal axis is the week the data was sampled. By request, I also combined the Canon 350D and Rebel XT numbers. Canon records them as distinct cameras in their EXIF data and that is the way the weekly chart is generated.

I thought it was interesting that there were so many images being shot with the D50. I hadn’t thought it was that popular of a camera. I was also surprised to find that D70 usage is about double that of the D70s, the newer model. Conversely, on the Canon side, the XT+350D make a lot more photos than the original digital Rebel.

Flickr Photo Uploads by Camera Model
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