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40 Wonderful Hot Air Balloon Photographs for Your Inspiration

Hot air balloon photography is rewarding, both professionally and spiritually. Aerial photography done right can produce terrific results. Ballooning has various advantages for photographers when compared to more traditional methods of flight.

One of the best things about balloons is that they have no windows, thereby giving you an opportunity to take photos in 360 degrees. If you’re standing on the ground capturing hot air balloons, there is one more advantage to be found: There is no “backstage pass.” I mean everyone who is looking at balloons has the same vantage point. And it really don’t matter if you’re using a point and shoot, Holga or DSLR–there are awesome images to be had. In hot air balloon photography, it’s the special color richness and contrasts that make for eye-popping effects that are difficult to find elsewhere. Just imagine vivid, colorful air balloons against the blue sky background!

Here I have collected 40 wonderful hot air balloon photographs that I hope will help you get the most out of your aerial photography experience. Scroll down and enjoy!

Towards the Sun by Alexey Sizov

Floating by Becki Wells

White Sands Balloon Invitational by Dave Shultz

Hot air by Alexey Sizov

Colors of Evening. by Alexey Sizov

One, Two, Three by Peter From

hot air balloons at Capadocia by Ivan Lee

In The Distance… by Peter From

Balloons by Mark Jones

Cappadocia by Jason Matthew Tye

Soaring! by Alexey Sizov

Balloon Frost by Knate Myers

Inside of Hot Air Balloon by B [R]asulev

Hot Air Night by Aric Jaye

Balloons Over Bagan by Chi Kit Yeung

Magic flight by Alexey Sizov

HotAirSunset by Alexey Sizov

Hot Air by Afonso Salcedo

Let There Be Light by Michael Lindberg

Flying Over Turkey by alessandro giovanelli

Sky Marbles by Jon Hewett

Sunset and balloons by Jerry Brodrick

Colorful hot-air balloons flying over the mountain by Patrick :)

Hot air balloons over mountains by Michele Cornelius

Hot air Heart by Alexey Sizov

Myanmar (Burma) – Hot air balloons flying over misty Bagan at dawn by Thang Soi

Air by Olli H.

When A Dream Begins to Awake by Blindman shooting

Waiting in the mist by Nathalie Namata

Balloons by Anuparb Papapan

High Elevation by Marc Fiorito

Below Up! by Alison Evans

Winterflight by Carsten Neff

Untitled by Paul Shea

Balloon Fiesta by Richard Silver

Colorful balloon by Jean Schmalen

Balloons taking flight by Andrew Chow

Balloons by Pamela Berry

Arizona Balloon Classic by Bassam Ziadeh

Last Word

Hot air balloons can be a fantastic subject to photograph because of the unique lighting when they fly and their wonderful colors. Don’t waste time: Search for the nearest hot air balloon festival right now, and go there to experiment with the subject. Check out also our previous showcase of inspiring rooftopping photography examples!

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