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Insiders Only: 70+ Best Online Marketing Tools for Photographers

As a beginner photographer with over 5-year background in the Internet Marketing, I understand the importance of establishing a firm online presence. I surely need to master my shooting and retouching skills, but I also pay attention to the business side of my hobby to ensure that there’s a market for my product and it’s growing along with the quality of my pictures.

Phoot by Antoine Robiez

Phoot by Antoine Robiez

In this post, I’m sharing 70 online marketing and workflow organizing tools for photographers. I’ve collected this list for myself so that when I need a website building tool or a booking app, I could skip hours of googling and simply refer to this catalog of select links. Read more…

Email Insiders Only: Essential SEO Guide for Photographers

Your portfolio website could be the most beautiful, functional and user-friendly site in the world, but if no one ever sees it, then what’s the point? If no one visits your precious site, it wouldn’t do you any good. So you have to make search engine giants like Google, Yahoo or Bing notice you and send loads of targeted traffic to your site. To make it work out, you should take care of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Essential SEO Guide for Photographers

I know this word may sound scary and complicated for many artistic types, like photographers. But if you want to give your photography business the boost it needs, you should have at least basic knowledge of SEO and put a little effort into optimizing your site. SEO includes the knowledge of how the Internet works, how search engines rank content, and how to move your website to the top in search engines and get more traffic. Read more…