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Get a free 2-week lens rental from BorrowLenses.com

Update: BorrowLenses has chosen a winner!

I’ve been renting lenses online for a few years now (click here to read some of our lens rental service reviews). A macro here, an out-of-my-budget 2.8 there. It’s a great way to get just the lens you need when you need it without having to plunk down thousands of dollars to own it. Renting lenses has saved me money in another way too. By renting first, I’ve discovered there were a couple of lenses I thought I wanted that I didn’t really like after all.

What better way to get acquainted with online lens rentals than with a free rental? BorrowLenses.com contacted me over the weekend and generously offered Photodoto readers a chance to receive a free 2-week lens rental. Here’s all you have to do:

  • Leave a comment describing which lens you would like to rent and why you want to rent it. Leave a valid email address so that we can contact you if you win (your email address will remain private and is used for no other purpose).

That’s it! (Except for a few conditions, below.) The comments will remain open until Tuesday September 23 at midnight. After that, BorrowLenses.com will choose a winner and we’ll announce it here. Good luck! And a big thank you to BorrowLenses.com for sponsoring this giveaway.

Conditions of entry:

  • You must be in the U.S. to enter.
  • The winner will need to place an order online with a valid credit card number to receive the rental. The card will not be charged but is required to ensure that the lens is returned. BorrowLenses.com is a reputable business but if you don’t feel comfortable with this condition please don’t enter.
  • The offer excludes super telephoto lenses and camera bodies.

John Watson

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