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Break the Rules: 100 Lomo Photography Ideas to Get Inspired

Lomography is a quite unknown term, but many of us practice it more than once. Actually, what some consider mistakes like exposure defects or over-saturated colors are what makes lomography so special.


This movement was born in early ‘90s by a group of Viennese students who discovered the Lomo LC-A camera while on vacation in Prague. Since then lomography has grown into an international movement that uses photography as a creative way to capture the world.

Its name was inspired and delivered from the Russian “LOMO” cameras. But in fact, lomo photos can be taken not only with LOMO cameras, but also created with an ordinary snapshot and Photoshop.

The characteristics of lomo photography are blurred edges, oversaturated colors, rainbow-colored objects, vignetting, and off-kilter exposure. When it comes to other photography types, all these things can be considered as mistakes, but not in lomography.

I have collected 100 incredibly awesome, colorful and creative lomo photography examples for your inspiration!

1. Untitled by LITHUS

2. Lomography Fisheye by Billy Oh

3. Lomo by Gabriela Ciolini

4. Lomography by Garry9600

5. St Ives 2009 by RRosiEXD

6. I guess this is Autumn by Alex Nguyen

7. Chuck Taylors by batongbato

8. Life Is The Season To LOVE by oO-Rein-Oo

9. Lomography by marqu

10. Eiffel Tower Christopher Mulholland

11. Lomography 15 by poutiainen

12. Neverendingdream by rangecloudycloud

13. Soft Rock by AtariAme

14. Burning sky by Daniel Go

15. Wind-re-wind by #lomography

16. Lomography II by gthersh

17. Lomography Rules – 6 by slumbrous

18. Lomography Collaboration by en-shahdi

19. Lomography Sardine Camera by moonman82

20. Jump by Jan Kretschmer

21. Miss Kacie Marie. LA. 2013. Sprocket Rocket 3285 by Derek Woods

22. Forrere by #lomography

23. Gastown Nighttime Lomography by kris krug

24. Worte in Tokyo Lomography by DENN IS

25. Poblenou 02 by Lali Bellobi

26. Hide Your Obscurity by oO-Rein-Oo

27. Classic by fernz

28. Cine//Lomography by Lomography Chile

29. Lomography by DadaMandada

30. Black Bike by Crypt012

31. Lomo by Julian Rodriguez

32. Untitled by Fabio Vasconcelos

33. Waiting for the sunrise by DomyBlue

34. Sunset Drops by Guy Keating

35. Untitled by Irisha Klimova

36. One man alone on the beach by Ale Di Gangi

37. Lomography redscale 100 by Flippo Ronce Cavalcanti

38. La Sardina Cubic – Lomography Tungsten by Silvia Casolari

39. Lomo Winter by tenlittlebirds

40. Summer Escape by LastGlance

41. Cards by Irisha Klimova

42. Puente by Adolfo Ramires

43. Grande roue by picturemaker

44. 38 by Thiago Pigatto de Andrades

45. In hiding by Ashley Perri

46. Look Up by Mindimon

47. Lomo 0001 – chit chat by opcd-lomo

48. Saldukai by 5kablelis16

49. Trianon – Lomo Smena 8M by Debora Trindade

50. Untitled by Irina Bataeva

51. Untitled by Tom Coady

52. prcssd. venice beach, ca. 2007 by eyetwist

53. Banana Milkshakes by takaiyo

54. In the streets of Havana by Ingmar Sorgens

55. Untitled by i.Anton

56. Bamboo bridge by 123sajeepney

57. Lowlife by MahonyDSN

58. Breath of Life by AataRax-ya

59. Somebody stole my lighter by Kan-n

60. ht. by SnjezanaJosipovic

61. Lomo Walls by tall_bastard

62. Deckchairs (Lomo) by Richard

63. Untitled by Leticia Rocha

64. Nelson+Charmaine Lomography 1 by leiyo2

65. LOMO HOLGA by Siripong Travels

66. Royal bunting by microabi

67. Reaching for the clouds by microabi

68. Vintage Summer by Vibratum

69. Colorful Urban Surpassing by oO-Rein-Oo

70. Abduction by oO-Rein-Oo

71. Go this way, please by missaassiimii

72. Holga – las vegas 10 by littlemisssunshine

73. Books In The Sky by Jeremy Brooks

74. Chicago – circa 2012 by Scott Norris

75. Sani Silver by Daniil Hanenko

76. Venice by Zita Vehil

77. Old Car by adjudic

78. Children of the sky by prunku

79. by Bora OZUTURK

80. Da serie “Neon” by Evna Moura

81. Da serie “Neon” by Evna Moura

82. Omlegging by Zita Vehil

83. The Twelve Apostles by JakeMicheli

84. Exposed Diana F+ Beach Shot by newjuventud

85. Holg by UnaObsesion

86. Streetlight people by Camille Ang

87. Untitled by Flavia Francoso

88. Untitled by Rui Lisboa

89. Summer from my window by mrgansa

90. Boatman by lomocotion

91. Accidentally veiled by Lali Bellobi

92. Untitled by lomoteddy

93. Treasure hunter by lisi

94. Seagulls by shoujoai

95. Untitled by coca

96. Untitled by warning

97. Untitled by warning

98. Umbrella Sessions by bccbarbosa

99. Untitled by keironhillhouse

100. Untitled by juanix

Break the Rules!

Hopefully, you’re inspired as I am to grab your camera and go shooting! Lomography is not an interference in you life, but a part of it. Don’t think, be fast, don’t care about the rules, and take you camera everywhere you go – are the best tips for capturing a perfect lomography picture.

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