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100 Fantastic Examples of Long Exposure Photography to Take Your Breath Away

Today I’m gonna bring you an exciting showcase of long exposure photography that will take your breath away! Long exposure is used when you want to blur moving objects in the frame and you want to leave still objects sharp. To do that, you should place your camera on a tripod to avoid any camera shake for a long time. By saying “long” I mean anything from several seconds to several minutes.

Photo by Anatoleya

Photo by Anatoleya

Of course, long exposure times can be used in different ways. You may want to blur everything in the frame or just capture a still night scene with no moving objects. The point is that most dramatic effects are usually achieved by combining still and moving objects in the frame.

The technique of long exposure is quite popular, but still a difficult form of photography that allows you to experience time in a different fashion. That makes it possible to see things from another perspective. By the way, the longest photographic exposures in history was took by Michael Wesely. He was invited by Museum of Modern Art in New York to record the re-development of their building. And the shutter of his camera was open for up to 34 months.

Thus, without further ado, here I share a round-up of 100 impressive and unbelievable long exposure shots for your inspiration. I’m quite sure you’ll love these stunning waterfalls, night traffic and starry sky. No matter if your’re a photographer or just a long exposure fan.

1. Houses of Parliament, London by Houses of Parliament, London by David Mar Quinto

2. Attack of the Clone Stamp Tool by Miles Morgan

3. Star-burst Reflection by AtomicZen

4. Rolling in by Bill Church

5. U-turn by Andy Kennelly

6. Children of the Atom by WK Cheoh

7. Storming into Sunset by Danilo Faria

8. Rush hour Star by Praveller B.S

9. San Francisco New Years Fireworks – Happy New Year 2012 by Darvin Atkeson

10. Light driver by Peter Majkut

11. Circular Opera Comet by AtomicZen

12. Bangkok Traffic by mark burban

13. Long Exposure Car by Photo Extremist

14. Long exposure in front of the Institute of France by julien. H

15. Rush Hour on Tower Bridge by Christophe Pfeilstucker

16. The Gold Rush by Karim Nafatni

17. Paris by Cal Redback

18. Ferris Wheel, long exposure by Steve W Lee

19. Cross Creek by a walk across the rooftops

20. Carousel by Francois Cailleret

21. Long exposure poppy experiments by s0ulsurfing

22. Budapest and ice on Danube River by Jacques Szymanski

23. Forgotten II by Lincoln HArrison

24. Team GB Olympic Gold by Sean Byrne

25. Long Exposure – Zephyr Spin by Jason Short 2008

26. Long Exposure Star by Fraser MacMannis

27. Long exposure near Finchley Road by Anatoleya

28. Fall Colors at the Grist Mill by Sathya

29. Salt truck in roundabout Long night exposure by Deon Lie

30. Star streaked Colosseum by Ewan Tupper

31. Japan Memories by OaKy Isra

32. Paris’s lighthouse by Damien Bapst

33. long exposure by renallyraissa

34. Infinity y Mirko Rubaltelli

35. Ghost tram by Zsolt Andrasi

36. Rooftopping Seoul At Night by Jonas Ginter


38. Long Exposure London Bus, Southwark by Sophia Whitfield

39. Long exposure photography with my iPhone by Dirk Dallas

40. Carnival Lights by Bill Church

41. Dramatic Long Exposure by Gian Lorenzo

42. Interior Long Exposure by DryHeatPanzer

43. Dream Land! by Nhut Pham

44. Winter Rain by Todd Wall

45. Long Exposure by Karyn Cuglietta

46. Sundown Showdown in Riomaggiore by Allard Schager

47. Dawn Orb by Steve Chilton

48. O Caminho das Luzes by Danilo Faria

49. One Dark Night by Karim Nafatni

50. ethereal pier by Neil Kremer

51. Frozen Dutch Canal by Allard Schager

52. Paris, vu du pont de Bir-Hakeim by Cal Redback

53. Slow Dance by Rob Mould

54. Godly Flow by Dylan Toh & Marianne Lim

55. Night Runner by Karim Nafatni

56. Ad Astra by Lincoln Harrison

57. Electri-City by Jared Lim

58. Fire and Ice by Vulture Labs

59. Lady Rana by Daniel Cheong

60. Parliament Lights by Chris Muir

61. Paths – Long Exposed by Andreas Reinhold

62. Wreck of the Sygna by brentbat

63. Long Exposure Sea by by ThierryHuchet

64. Speeding Yellow by `gilad

65. Ball of Light by Manan Oza

66. Energy – Film Long Exposure by Cameron-Jung

67. Long Exposure Embers2 by Triple7

68. Long Exposure by ourneverland

69. Einstein Exposure by BoatyBen

70. Stone with long exposure by DTokar

71. Long Exposure: Bend II by dethcap

72. bcyle diaries (long exposure) by altanartuk

73. Long exposure I by rockmylife

74. Love Heart by AlanSmithers

75. impression by globalunion

76. The ghosts of the city by globalunion

77. Shield Yourself by darkHunTer2009

78. City at night by NinjaDeath

79. Golden palace by kaffemugg

80. Sparks by AlexandreGuilbeault

81. Rainbow Road by PatrickRuegheimer

82. aL0nE by LenScapist

83. Pakistan Monument long exposure by Jiah-ali

84. when the sea overflowed by digitalarts65

85. Never by acukur

86. Canary Wharf II by KornelFlint

87. Ghost Rocks by Boeing747

88. Trainstation by TWPictures

89. Sound of Music by JeanFan

90. Opera Sparkle by kevio89

91. floral days by The-optimist

92. The Present by Inebriantia

93. Like Glass by Mgbedt420

94. Canal Dreams by kharashov

95. Finding home by nains

96. Fluctuation by Thinking-Silence

97. Long-exposed Marrakech by geobm

98. Monemvasia by sui400

99. Moving Fast by comsic

100. Star-filled by Aki Suzuki


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