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Catch the Moon: 100 Magnificent Moon Photos You Have Never Seen Before

The moon is at her full, and riding high,
Floods the calm fields with light.
The airs that hover in the summer sky
Are all asleep tonight

William C. Bryant

Since the beginning of the world the Moon has always attracted humans with its magic light. So many years of history had passed before the first step on the Moon was made in 1959. We used to see the Moon at night, but still it hasn’t lost its mystery in our eyes.

Have you ever noticed that near the horizon the Moon looks much larger than in the sky. It is an optical illusion. Psychological experiments have shown that an observer adjusts his or her perception of an object’s size based on the size of other objects in the visual field.

Thus, the moon appears smaller when it is high in the sky and surrounded by a large empty space. But when it is on the horizon, it is easy to compare the scale. Under the influence of this comparison, we unconsciously strengthen our impression of the Moon’s size.

As practice shows, night is not only a suitable time to have a good sleep, but is also a great time to take a few stunning shots. Here I put together 100 really magnificent Moon photos you have never seen before. Hopefully, they will inspire you to grab your camera and go for night shooting!

1. I’m gonna catch the Moon by Adrian Limani

2. Night fly by Adrian Limani

3. Earthshine Deluxe by Larry Landolfi

4. Drive Me to The Moon… by Alireza Shakernia

5. Burj Al moon by MO AOUN PHOTO

6. 3 players by Adrian Limani

7. Fly me through the moon by Ian Powell

8. Moongazer by Steve Adams

9. Watching the moon by Francesco Alamia

10. BasketBall Game by Adrian Limani

11. Slam Dunk by Adrian Limani

12. moon by alex halin

13. Nothing in this world is random by Caras Ionut

14. The night is coming by Cenzo Photography

15. Full Moon by Kash khastoui

16. Full Moon in snowy landscape! by George Papapostolou

17. Hanging there by Jay Z

18. The Giraffe & The Moon by Mario Moreno

19. Super Moon by Tamas Rajna

20. Moonrise at Westwood by Mike Thompson

21. MoonShot 2 by Adrian Limani

22. Full Moon in Lucca by Claudio Stefanini

23. Virgo 18 13 by Timothy Poulton

24. SONG TO THE MOON by Aurele Taillard

25. Moon Shot by Grouper

26. Talking to the moon by gilad

27. moon bridge by by globalunion

28. Magic of the moon by by Volodina-Yulia

29. my moon by MadManTnT

30. The Big Moon by Carlos Gotay

31. Playing with the moon by 3 Joko

32. Moondance by Bruce Hood

33. Fly to the moon by Omur Kahveci

34. night worker by Nikita Nisenbaum

35. The Difference by Adrian Limani

36. “Creatives moments” by Tony Polinni

37. Third Quarter Moon by RyanVoss

38. The Goose Moon by FramedByNature

39. One magic night by Caras Ionut

40. Howl at the moon by Kerim Hadzi

41. A Simple Truth by Ian David Soar

42. 2115 by peter holme iii

43. Moon Holder by Larry Landolfi

44. Lunar Sunset by Aaron Fuhrman

45. kick off by Adrian Limani

46. Perigee Full Moon by Carlos Gotay

47. the proposal by Adrian Limani

48. Electric Moon by Tamas Rajna

49. jumping the moon by Adrian Limani

50. moon by Miramiska

51. Imagine’The wonders of the world’/Thanks Laura by Eleonora Di Primo

52. Moon River by Suhari Minggu Ningsih Soekandar

53. Super Moon by Fabrizio Lutzoni

54. Moon rising by mustafa guler

55. Presenting the Moon by Adrian Limani

56. It hits your eyes by Nouran Abu Summaqa

57. Rest before start by MO AOUN PHOTO

58. Moon Friends by Ανάς Σάάδ

59. Moon by Chanwit Whanset

60. Night. Moon. Storks. by Lyubov Novikova

61. Wolves night… by Chromawerk

62. Romantic Parisian Night by Alexandra Petrova

63. One step closer by pink sword

64. My moon by Marco Ciofalo Digispace

65. The Moon Beckons by Carlos Gotay

66. Moon and Venus at Sunset by Carlos Gotay

67. Highway mood by Stefan Thaler

68. Contre-nuit by Philippe Kerignard

69. Moonrise over the Wind Farm by Matt Granz

70. Give me my umbrella by Adrian Limani

71. “the tangled flight” by Robby Cavanaugh

72. Full moon by Nada Leva

73. Full Moon by MO AOUN PHOTO

74. Montreal – Big moon by Chamseddine Mouatsi

75. Moon ice cream by Franco Mottironi

76. Dark Night Moon by MO AOUN PHOTO

77. Fright night by michele tortorici

78. Moon in Hand by Anish Adhikari

79. Moonmill by Felicia Simion

80. Catch the Moon by Adrian Limani

81. Light Night by pink sword

82. The Super Moon Rise by Saurabh Desai

83. gymnastic jump over the moon by Adrian Limani

84. catching the moon by Adrian Limani

85. Time of the Moon by Valeriy Pol

86. Friend by pink sword

87. Moonclock by Felicia Simion

88. based on moon by Adrian Limani

89. Holding Moon by Marco Ciofalo Digispace

90. Moonlight Flight by hikaru

91. Moon ballerina by Marco Ciofalo Digispace

92. Moonlight by Armin DoradO

93. Moon Rise by Steve Adams

94. The moon is yours by Abdullah Dwaikat

95. August Moon by John Harrison

96. The Moon…yesterday! by piter pan

97. 1693 by peter holme iii

98. Milky Way by pixeldreamer

99. the finder by pink sword

100. Over the rocks by Giuseppe Torre


This fantastic showcase is over. I’m waiting for your enthusiastic comments. Don’t hesitate to like and share this collection with your friends.

Moreover, if you dream to start with night photography, I’ll give you a piece of advice: check out our killer tips for photographing the moon. Happy shooting!

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