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Artificial Lighting Recommendations for Beginners

At our studio, we incorporate many different types of lighting techniques and light sources into our repertoire so that we can be fully prepared for any type of lighting scenario. We utilize various types of artificial light sources into our in-studio sessions as well as our on-location photography shoots.


Cultivating and perfecting the use of artificial light is very important to achieve the desired lighting for a particular photograph and accomplishing a spot-on exposure every time, regardless of the availability of light.

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Why It’s a Great Idea to Get Your Photo Printed on Large-Scale Canvas

Let’s face it, one of the true joys of a professional photographer is to see the fruits of their labor displayed in a physical format, preferably as a large-scale photo print. It just feels like the proper way these photos should be exhibited, the form in which they reach their true potential.

photodoto-canvasdiscountsmWith this in mind, I’m here to talk about what exactly makes large-scale photo printing so appealing and why it’s the right choice for professional photographers.

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Nikon D850 Review


The long awaited Nikon D850 is here, so is it worth the price tag?  There are the features we have been expecting along with more than a few surprises.

nikon d850-main

Let’s dive in and discuss the pros and cons of this 46- megapixel full frame shooting machine…

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