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Capture Objects on the Move: 77 Awesome Panning Photography Ideas

Panning in photography is the act of capturing objects on the move. It’s like in sports or action photography. Your target is moving at the moment of exposure. As a result, you get a picture with a subject clearly caught on camera. However, the rest remains blurred in the background.

Photo by Shay Sapir

Photo by Shay Sapir

To be honest, panning is nothing new. Panning has been side by side with photography from the getgo. Let’s move back in history and recall the photographers who had no chance to capture fast moving objects without moving a camera synchronously with their subjects. Fortunately, nowadays we have film that is fast enough to give photographers fast shutter speed and a chance to shoot moving objects.

More and more people are into enhancing their panning skills. So, I’ve put together 77 stunning examples of panning photography which were taken by aspiring and skilled photographers. Just browse through the images to get inspired!

1. Red on Green by David Orias

2. The Speed by Alp Cem

3. Running with the Big Boys by donell gumiran

4. Obstacles by Giuseppe Peppoloni

5. Into the Light! by Ronnie Renaldi

6. Panning Bike Ride by cheekz-jess

7. Circuler panning by bernadusrenaldo

8. Pan – Dolmus by Ibrahim Soyarslan

9. Citroen 2CV cruising by jordansimpson93

10. White Flight by Mark Vincent Muller

11. Paris Fashion Street by Marc Benslahdine

12. From amsterdam with love by oeminler

13. Sunset Boulevard by Marc Benslahdine

14. Panned wave1.3s by Deon Lategan

15. Panning by towardsbrightfuture

16. Panning Adam’s 350Z by Terence T.S. Tam

17. Panning by Sinu Kumar

18. Red Riding by Shay Sapir

19. Blue Hawaii by David Orias

20. Top Speed (Infrared) by dR ali

21. A Seasonal Shift by Dylan Toh & Marianne Lim

22. Forget Everything by Coltography

23. The Bond That Remains Intact by Raqeebul Ketan

24. Just RUN by Sim Kim Seong

25. Lights in London by Haroldo Braune

26. In a rush by Salah Baazizi

27. Autumn Art by Septimus Low

28. Run along then by Rudi Hulshof

29. One second panning by Guiseppe Mosca

30. Woods Art by Piotrek FK

31. Shadow rider by NickKoutoulas

32. Forge Ahead by Aaron Yeoman

33. Zip-past ROME by Sanjay Pradhan

34. fixie by Petr Hricko

35. Underground by Itay Navon

36. Ghost Surfer by Chris Smith

37. Life in Hanoi by Tashi Delek

38. Running horse in nature by Ahmed Alomary

39. Like a Child by Toni Guetta

40. Cyclist by Raj’s Viewfinder

41. Play by Erwan Escoubet

42. Passenger-Pan by cahilus

43. Lotus Esprit GT3 in motion by MalcolmFeth

44. Flowers by Sebastien Blond

45. Dancer Abstract by David Orias

46. Lost by oscarsnapshotter

47. Off to the races by Bill Killillay

48. Fishing by Ershad Ashraf

49. Nighty pan by cahilus

50. Freedom by NunoFigueira

51. Ducati by Marc Benslahdine

52. Boss by Ben Reed

53. Water service by Christian Muller

54. Turin by Paolo Giraudo

55. Ginetta GT Supercup by Alan Hinchliffe

56. High Speed Colour by Tony Daoulas

57. Carica dei carabinieri, battaglia di pastrengo by Riccardo Colelli

58. Panning Car by Marc Benslahdine

59. Landing by Jozef (Saki) Sakalos

60. Streetcar by kaye*

61. The Silver Surfer by Paulo Abrantes

62. Shelby GT500 Eleanor on a rainy night by Avu G Levi

63. Warp speed, Mr. Sulu by Goran Marinkovic

64. Feel the Air by Henry Sudarman

65. Dropping Camera by Sim Kim Seong

66. Girl with a Dog on a Bike by Artem Sapegin

67. Cheating Gravity by Santu Mondal

68. Zoom Zoom by Siddharth Bhatia

69. DASH by Sim Kim Seong

70. Porsche GT3 by Evano Gucciardo

71. Street Acrobat by Justin Lo

72. “NGO” Boat Racing by DAT LE

73. Built like a gun, goes like a Bullet by Saurabh Soni

74. 1000 miglia by Alberto Montagna

75. In Paris by Marc Benslahdine

76. Motion blur macaw by Octavio Campos Salles

77. King Street by Kyle Anstey


Are you feeling inspired enough to go run after a cyclist to capture a perfect panning shot? I’m kidding. But if you are, here are 6 great tips to improve your panning photography.

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