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Are Professional Photographers Expensive?

I don’t think there is a professional photographer out there that hasn’t heard a potential client utter the words, “you charge how much?” or “what exactly do I get for that” or even “But all you do is push a button!” Yes, it’s true, any photographer worth their weight will seem expensive at first glance. Even I am guilty of thinking this before I started taking photography more seriously.


However, just like the graceful swan gliding along the water, beneath there is a whole lot more going on that, as the client, you often don’t see or know about.

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Five Powerful Ways to Get Your Photos Noticed

Managing to get your photos some attention is one of the biggest hurdles that you may face as a new photographer in the market. The situation becomes even tougher when there are well-known and well-established photographers available.

Thousands of photographs are being clicked on a daily basis, so what will make your photographs stand out from them? How will you manage to provide them the attention they deserve?

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New Photographers: You Need Grit and This Game Plan to Make a Living

Photography is not for people who lack grit. DATA USA reports that the average salary for photographers is $36,699, which is $13,514 less than national average salary in the U.S. It is also a shrinking profession, projected to fall 5.6 percent in the next decade, even as the economy grows.


© Witthaya Prasongsin | Dreamstime.com


If photography is your calling – and the challenges don’t deter you – then you need a game plan for building a sustainable business that can beat the average without making you stressed, crazed, and burnt out. My goal here is to help with that game plan.

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15 Inspirational Presentation Folders for Professional Photographers

Since the first consumer camera was introduced more than 130 years ago, photography folders have provided a solid means for organizing and protecting developed and printed images. Somewhere down the line, ambitious photographers began to use them to market their services and separate themselves from the pack by branding their work.

Presentation folders for photographers should be taken seriously because they represent your brand and can be the first impression clients get.

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10 Online Tools to Create a Free Logo

If you want to create a logo for your company and you do not have any design knowledge, I have good news to give you since there are a large number of online tools with which you can make your logo for free.


The vast majority of these tools are going to ask you to register to download the new logo that you have designed for your company, but you can do it for free.

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