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Working From Home as a Photographer in the Current Climate: A No-Bull Guide

The current climate is not ideal for many businesses, particularly photographers. Without an outlet for work, it’s easy to ruminate on how you’re going to weather the storm. Going without work is not an option for many photographers, so what are the alternatives?


Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do to pivot your business and retain your income. For example, increasing your number of income streams can help. You should also look at boosting your marketing efforts to help support your future income.

In this article, we’ll discuss the current state of photography work. We’ll then look at some ways to earn an income and why marketing is important right now!

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8 Amazing Hacks To Be A Pro Photographer Blogger: The Definitive Guide I’m Using To Write How I Shoot


Writing is not for photographers.

This is the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard, and as a photographer, I have heard many.  Do you know what is even more absurd about this declaration? For a long time, I am the one who swore by it. This was following the demise of my first personal photoblog. You can say the ludicrous statement was my way of consoling my sorry self.



Today, like the biblical Saul I have since “seen the light”. I now know that blogging is essential for every photographer. Especially so if you want to grow your photography business.

This article is about all the secrets am using in my journey towards becoming an expert photography blogger. Here you will learn 8 amazing hacks to be a pro photographer blogger and grow your photography business.

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How Does Adobe Stock Work: Successfully Selling Your Photos

Posts with images get 650% more engagement than those without. For this simple reason, stock photos are in high demand and it’s unlikely that demand will be going away anytime soon — and that’s just content writers. Designers, artists, and other creatives always need new design assets and content for their work.

This has given rise to a number of stock agencies that allow photographers and other creatives to sell their images and designs online. Today we’re going to focus on Adobe Stock, what is it, how does it work, and how can you make it work for you?



Let’s dig in and find out!

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Photography portfolio 101 – how to create a portfolio that puts your brand on display

Everyone was there once. Fruitful inspiration. Plenty of photos, but no idea on how to create a portfolio.

And if you’re just like all the other photographers, you put off this moment for as long as you could. But with no portfolio to present your work, there are no clients interested in hiring you. For a passionate photographer, the thought of creating a professional portfolio is overwhelming. Where do you start? What photos are worthy? What theme to pick?

When your current marketing strategy doesn’t deliver the expected results, building a portfolio is vital because it helps the public see the value of your work. Yes, expect the process to be intensive, but having  a well-put-together portfolio is rewarding.

Let’s dive in together. With a little bit of help, you can make it work.

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A Photographer’s Guide to Selling

Before you invest in an expensive degree in Photography or a related program, read this guide. There are countless methods for lucrative photography sales.


That’s because today, more people are purchasing art and printed photography than ever before. Continue reading for a comprehensive guide on selling photography.

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