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A Photographer’s Guide to Selling

Before you invest in an expensive degree in Photography or a related program, read this guide. There are countless methods for lucrative photography sales.


That’s because today, more people are purchasing art and printed photography than ever before. Continue reading for a comprehensive guide on selling photography.

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10 Tips And WordPress Photography Themes For Portfolio Websites

If you want to give a presentation of your artwork online which converts to sales, you need a portfolio website. This type of website is optimal for professionals in the niches of photography, digital art, creative writing, music and more.

It may seem that creating an appealing and easy-to-browse portfolio website takes an expert. Well, indeed, powering a modern animated portfolio from scratch is not that easy unless you’re versed in working with WordPress and HTML/CSS code.


But don’t worry! You can skip all the portfolio creation difficulties if you go for  ready-made WordPress photography themes. These themes include all the functionality you need to power a compelling portfolio of your projects right out of the box.

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How to Make Money With Photography and How Much Can You Expect

Live your passion. That’s what you’d like to do, right? Spend your days doing what you enjoy?

Unfortunately, you gotta eat and do adulting things like paying bills. For that, you need money and your passion might not be good enough. Or is it?

There are many ways to turn your passion for photography into an income stream. None of them is a magic wand that will make you rich overnight, but with a little creativity you can make a decent income doing something you love instead of being trapped in a cubicle all day.


The world of photography is crowded, but that doesn’t mean you can’t carve out your niche. Hold onto your hats as we dive into learning how to make money with photography. We’ve got a lot of ideas coming your way!

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Are Professional Photographers Expensive?

I don’t think there is a professional photographer out there that hasn’t heard a potential client utter the words, “you charge how much?” or “what exactly do I get for that” or even “But all you do is push a button!” Yes, it’s true, any photographer worth their weight will seem expensive at first glance. Even I am guilty of thinking this before I started taking photography more seriously.


However, just like the graceful swan gliding along the water, beneath there is a whole lot more going on that, as the client, you often don’t see or know about.

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Five Powerful Ways to Get Your Photos Noticed

Managing to get your photos some attention is one of the biggest hurdles that you may face as a new photographer in the market. The situation becomes even tougher when there are well-known and well-established photographers available.

Thousands of photographs are being clicked on a daily basis, so what will make your photographs stand out from them? How will you manage to provide them the attention they deserve?

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