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How to Become a Travel Photographer: Types, Pay, and Skills

What photographer hasn’t dreamed of traveling the world, visiting exotic destinations, and capturing inspiring images? Imagine the sights you would see, the stories you would have to tell.

But how practical is a career path as a travel photographer? Is there really a need? Can you actually make a living? What do you have to do to break into the business?

rainbow over road and meadow

Is it really viable to live your dream?  Read on to find out.

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Top 65 Modeling Agencies in the US and Tips for Models

Modeling is one of those extremely competitive careers complete with its own fairytale-like model discovery stories. We’ve all heard about how Kate Moss was discovered at JFK airport or how Gisele Bundchen was found in a shopping mall.


However, actually getting yourself signed to an agency and booking modeling gigs can be (and usually is) more similar to getting any other kind of job with applications and interviews involved.

Below is a list with descriptions and links of the top modeling agencies in the United States, followed by useful actionable tips for aspiring models.

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Review of Amazon Prime Photo Storage: The Good and the Bad

Who doesn’t love Amazon? Come on, where else can you buy live ladybugs, a ready-made shipping container home or tiny house kit, and a bacon-scented mustache all in one place?


Amazon’s Prime membership is pretty sweet too. It allows you to take advantage of free delivery, as fast as same-day delivery for some products. You can also take advantage of tons of discounts and exclusive deals. Plus, you can try on shoes, clothes, and accessories and only pay for what you keep.

On top of all that, Amazon is offering Photo Storage as well. If you haven’t yet taken the plunge with Amazon Prime, photo storage might just be what tips the scales for you.

But the question is…is it worth it?

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Working From Home as a Photographer in the Current Climate: A No-Bull Guide

The current climate is not ideal for many businesses, particularly photographers. Without an outlet for work, it’s easy to ruminate on how you’re going to weather the storm. Going without work is not an option for many photographers, so what are the alternatives?


Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do to pivot your business and retain your income. For example, increasing your number of income streams can help. You should also look at boosting your marketing efforts to help support your future income.

In this article, we’ll discuss the current state of photography work. We’ll then look at some ways to earn an income and why marketing is important right now!

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