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Budget Lenses Roundup for Aspiring Professional Photographers

A little while back, I went over a handful of DSLR camera options for anyone who is looking to get started with professional photography. Since I discussed camera bodies, the next step is deciding on some lenses.

Budget Lenses Roundup for Aspiring Pro Photographers

Photo by Evan Wise

And since we’re still trying to find some good options on a beginner’s budget, the lenses we go over are all on the lower end of the price scale. But don’t let the low prices fool you – there are some quality choices available for those who don’t have a ton of money to spend. Read more…

DSLR Lens Reviews 2: Which Lens To Buy?

For many photographers, a beautiful portrait shot combines two essential elements: a flattering view of the subject set against a blurred background. This is easy to achieve if you have the correct lens.


If you want to zoom up to a subject that is rather far away you’ll need a telephoto lens. These lenses are also ideal for sports and wildlife photography. If you’re taking close-ups of flowers and insects, you’ll quickly become frustrated with your camera’s standard lens kit, and in this case a macro lens is the answer. Read more…

DSLR Lens Reviews: Which Lens To Buy?

Without the right DSLR lenses, you’re not taking the best possible pictures that you can, nor are you living up to your full potential as a photographer. Do you want to snap the sharpest, most crystal clear pictures ever? You need to use a really high-quality lens to make your pictures come out the best every time.

Photo by ShaneyLane

Photo by ShaneyLane

In this list of DSLR lens reviews, you’re not just going to get a slew of recommendations for the best DSLR lenses, you’re also going to understand exactly why these are so well-regarded. Read more…

5 Tips on How to Choose the Right Lens

Lens lust is a terrible thing. It didn’t quite make the list of the 7 Deadly Sins, but can still be an agonizing process that will have your significant other wondering if Zeiss Prime is the codename for an escort service.

Photo by S. S.

Choosing the right lenses is also a lonely decision. I get questions almost daily from people wondering which lens they should buy and the only really good answer I can give them is which lens I would get for myself. There are so many lenses in so many configurations that figuring out the “right” choice can be seriously daunting.
Read more…

What is the best Canon lens for everyday photography?

There are many things that you need to consider even for everyday photography. Starting with the camera you are using, all the way to the anticipated end result.


To narrow down our little search, we need to take into account at least a couple of elements. For starters, what would be the best Canon lens for everyday photography? Read more…