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Reddit Photographers Share the Coolest Pictures Ever to Blow Your Mind

Today, it’s easier than ever before to put your photo in front of a huge audience by using social media websites like Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr and Reddit. All of them allow you to share your artwork with the public at once, ask for a piece of advice from some photography communities and just discuss any topic with like-minded people.


Let’s take a closer look at Reddit. This social-media platform was designed to “give literally anyone who has something interesting enough to say the ability to reach millions.”

Once, I found a great discussion on Reddit that encouraged photographers to share that one shot they’re most proud of. Since its interface was created for words, not for pictures, I decided to create a collection of the best 50 photographs from Reddit. Have you ever seen a rainbow in the woods? Or the sad eyes of a dog in a sled harness? Today you have this unique opportunity. So scroll down and enjoy!

1. Photo by David Childers Photo

2. Photo by trackpete

3. Photo by trackpete

4. Photo by Travis Rhodes

5. Heavy Rain – Original colors by Sascha Leitermann

6. ZION by Travis Price

7. Photo by nikiu

8. Nickel for your thoughts by Thomas

9. Photo by piva00

10. Photo by sambowilkins

11. Photo by Whaleback

12. Chandra by Allan Brunke

13. Photo by Plural Photography

14. Ventura Sunset From Serra Cross Park by hi in fiber

15. Te Whanganui-A-Hei by Robert Brienza

16. The Remarkables by Robert Brienza

17. Photo by kcolttam

18. Photo by kcolttam

19. Sam Pool 2 by John Daly

20. Photo by ct999

21. Photo by dazmond

22. Photo by Tomo Tsujita

23. 033/365 Falling by Martin Toto

24. Autumn Leaves by Jared Zerbini

25. Photo by Murray Stace

26. Photo by Cjlws

27. Photo by enver_hoxha

28. Gold Rimmed Glasses by Amy Shore

29. Mockingbird by springsmuth

30. Photo by Mysta02

31. horizon 2 by hewhoisivan

32. Sheer Power by Alec Salisbury

33. Misty Mountain by Taras Ukrainchuk

34. Photo by EndlessOcean

35. Photo by animalkracker

36. Salt Flats, Bolivia by Jonathan Garcia

37. Photo by kendalltristan

38. Photo by Dead-Hand

39. Kauai – NaPali Coast by David

40. Photo by idlovesome

41. Photo by Andrew Ingram

42. Photo by optimus_maximus

43. Photo by alejandrobro

44. Photo by Robert Menzer

45. Trindade – Rio de Janeiro/Brasil by Marco Antonio Noguti

46. Photo by Gluncher

47. Photo by eliott_cox29

48. Wotan’s Throne by Brig Halpin

49. Photo by StaticOcean

50. Last of the North by James Stanbridge

Can Recognize Your Work Here?

Unfortunately, Reddit profiles do not give enough information about photographers, so I could not give the proper credit to lots of photos here. I wish I knew who was hiding behind these soulless nicknames! If you recognize your work, please email me at atlantis3108[at]gmail[dot]com, or leave a quick comment in the comment section below.

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