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Don’t Look Down: 50 Inspiring Examples of Rooftopping Photography

You have probably heard of a new photography fad called “rooftopping,” in which brave daredevils find the way to the top of skyscrapers and other tall buildings to snap majestic shots. Just imagine the buzz of the roof topper who reached the top of the highest building in the city and saw the incredibly breathtaking view.

Photo by Vivienne Gucwa

Photo by Vivienne Gucwa

If you want to try this craze, you should have a camera, a good head for heights and nerves of steel. Most of the buildings the photographers are scaling are kind of “off-limits” to the public. This fact also plays up the idea of rooftopping as something secret, rebellious and totally risky. Moreover, visiting a new city to find a perch to rise above the surroundings and look around is a great experience; you can feel like king of the world!

Not all of us are brave enough to mimic these dangerous roofing tricks. However, today, you have a unique chance to look at the world through the lens of talented photographer-rooftoppers. Here, I’ve put together 50 outstanding examples of rooftopping photography for your inspiration!

Hint: Just do not copy this in real life without special preparations.

Two Jack Lake by Pietro CanaliManhattan

i’ll make ya famous by Roof Topper

Photo by Mustang Wanted

On The Edge by Karim Nafatni

Rooftopper’s Creed by Roof Topper

Back in the Toronto Groove by Freaktography Photography

Photo by Mustang Wanted

The Gargoyle Watch by Karim Nafatni

Hard Landing by Roof Topper

Urban Snake by Karim Nafatni

Photo by Mustang Wanted

The view from the roof by by Jrandvell

On the roof by by hombre-cz

City Rising by Roof Topper

Photo by Mustang Wanted

Roofs of Verona III by Fabrice Drevon

The sun wont stop setting by Roof Topper

TOWER to TOWER by Jam Mallari

Sitting On The Edge by Toby Harriman

Star of Bethlehem by Jarrod Castaing

the fiddler on the roof by by suerdas

La capitale II by by vanerich

Top of The Rock by Conor MacNeill

Photo by Mustang Wanted

Turbulence by Michael Shainblum

Lili-roof by simsalabima

Chelyabinsk city. Roofing by relaxing-lynx

Golden Gate Vertigo by Michael Shainblum

London – Tower Bridge View by Jon Reid

New York City by Vivienne Gucwa

Above NYC by Vivienne Gucwa

Sunset over Tokyo by iwillbehomesoon

Touched by Gold by Krishna Chaitanya

Photo by dedmaxopka

Photo by dedmaxopka

Photo by dedmaxopka

Photo by dedmaxopka

Photo by dedmaxopka

Photo by dedmaxopka

Photo by dedmaxopka

h i g h t o p s by KRISTOFER BRAND

Reflective Towers by Jay Pierce

The floating city by Catalin Marin

Summer haze by Vivienne Gucwa

New York City – West Side Skyline by Vivienne Gucwa

Toy Cars by Freaktography Photography

New York, New York by Vivienne Gucwa

Shoot the colorful sea! by Lucas Shu

Tilt-shift From Strasbourg Cathedral’s Roof by Cloudwhisperer67 — Raphael

Last Word

Rooftopping became a popular craze and started spreading around the world. The best view in any place is from the top of the tallest highrise. Photographers risk their lives for the art. Hopefully, you enjoyed the showcase of these crazy-cool pictures, and the efforts of the daredevils were worth it! Do you have a head for heights and strong nerves to take such amazing photos by your own someday?

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