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The Ultimate Guide To Low Light Photography: Tips, Settings, Cameras, Lenses

Low light photography is one of those types of photography that when done well can produce amazing photos but when not done well can leave you feeling a bit disappointed. It’s a type of photography that at first can seem quite complicated as if you need a PhD to master.


Yet all you actually need is a few simple pieces of knowledge and a little bit of practice.

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Are Full Frame Cameras Better in Low Light?

If you’ve been involved in photography for any time, you know there is a huge debate around full-frame cameras vs other sensor size cameras. Much like the Mac vs PC debate, or the iOS vs Android debate, this debate has shutterbugs riled up everywhere. Today, I am going to answer an important question from the debate, which is, are full-frame cameras better in low light? The answer is quite surprising.


Continue reading to find out.

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How to Capture Fantastic Photos in Low Light

It is a simple, unavoidable fact that light is necessary for photography.

Photo by Israel Sundseth

Photo by Israel Sundseth

Life, however, doesn’t restrict itself to times when the sun is bright and plentiful. Unless you only shoot in a controlled environment, chances are you’re going to want to takes photos when the lighting is less than ideal. Read more…

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