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Site redesign

I’ve just pushed out a new layout and design for the site that I think you’re going to like. It’s much more than just a cosmetic change. (You RSS readers especially should definitely click through and check it out.)

The entire site has been reorganized to make it easier to find the content you are looking for and to highlight the great content we’ve always had but you may not have known about. For starters, the home page now showcases a few featured articles. These are the “meat” of Photodoto. Highlighting them like this prevents them from getting lost among less meaty posts (news, announcements, etc.).


Immediately below the featured posts is a new section of “Top Posts.” These are some of the most popular posts we’ve published. The center column contains regular blog posts. You’ll also notice that each post is categorized. You can even click on any category title to see all of the posts within that category. All of our content has been broken down into 10 categories but the major ones are listed at the top of every page: Photography 101; Tips, Tutorials, Hacks; Reviews; News; Reader Photos; and Essays.

Clicking Photography 101, for example, brings you to a page where you can begin reading through all of our instructional content. (Which I’m pretty proud of, by the way.) The archive page has also been completely reorganized and stuffed with useful links. You can now browse our archives by date, category, what’s popular, tags, or search.


The right side of the page is left over for subscription options, miscellaneous pages, the lens database, links, and advertisements.

I hope these changes help you get more out of Photodoto.com. I’ll probably be making minor tweaks and adjustments over the next couple of days. Please let me know if you’re experiencing any problems using the site or have any suggestions.

Flickr for Good—A Joint Project

flickrtechsoup.jpgFlickr has caught on not only with individuals, but also with certain organizations. They have discovered that flickr can bring attention to their causes, their members, their goals, and their achievements. Recently, flickr and TechSoup, which helps nonprofits share and learn about technology, began a new program called Flickr for Good.

Flickr for Good will provide 10,000 almost-free pro memberships to registered nonprofit organizations and certain libraries in the United States and Canada. I say “almost-free” because while the memberships themselves are free, there is a small administrative fee of $3 per account.

Many groups have already taken advantage of this offer. For example, The Nature Conservancy has a flickr site that ran a digital photography contest that received more than 11,000 entries. Interplast, a group that provides free reconstructive surgery to children in underdeveloped areas, shows before and after photos of patients, as well as images of their own workers. Oxfam sponsored a Starbucks photo petition showing images of people holding signs that said “I support Ethiopian Coffee Farmers.”

Organizations can use flickr to publicize themselves and their work, and also to share information internally. Some groups have posted online photo tutorials, while others have shared photos of potential venues, building materials, or meetings.

To see if your organization qualifies for one of these accounts, check out TechSoup’s NonProfit Eligibility Requirements and Donor Partner Restrictions.

Photo Dropper, a New Tool for Bloggers

Those of you who write blogs using WordPress now have a new tool to help you find quality photos to illustrate your words: the Photo Dropper. The Photo Dropper allows you to find Creative Commons-licensed photos on flickr and add them to your blog. You find images by doing keyword searches, and after you have selected the shots, the Photo Dropper even adds proper attribution links. It’s easy, it’s free, and you never have to leave the WordPress dashboard while you are working.

photodropper.jpgThat said, we should add a few caveats. First, be sure you understand the various types of licensing before you begin. Some images cannot legally be altered. Others can be used only for noncommercial sites. The various types of licensing are clearly explained in an article on skelliewag.org.

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Subscription options

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Quick tour of Photodoto for new readers

Photodoto’s subscriber count has been growing faster lately than a Nikon D3 in continuous shooting mode (har har). Welcome! For the benefit of new readers, a brief tour of Photodoto.com and some things you may have missed:

Some of our most popular recent posts:

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Popular older posts from our extensive archives:

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Over on the sidebar you’ll see a list of the topics we’ve covered here. The size of the topic indicates how many articles you’ll find there. As you can see, we cover a diverse range of topics including Image Editing, Equipment, Composition, Reviews, Techniques, and a lot more.

Lens Database

The Photodoto lens database is a growing collection of lens reviews by real owners. You’ll find reviews of lenses from Canon, Nikon, and other major manufacturers.

Subscription options

Last but not least, you can subscribe to Photodoto either through our RSS feed or get Photodoto delivered straight into your inbox. Email subscribers will only receive one email per day at most (none on days when we don’t write anything). Your email address will never be shared with anyone. Head over to the sidebar and subscribe today.

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