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50 Striking Examples Of Professional Photos In Twitter Background Design

Professional photo as a background image can dramatically improve the way your Twitter profile looks and help you to obtain new followers

You can only change a few things in account, so why don’t you put there the best you can. So, let’s change your background image right now like the most famous photographers do!


I’ve handpicked 50 awesome examples of professional photos in Twitter background design to show off different ways of using image on the profile page.

Moreover, these examples of Twitter backgrounds can become a good inspiration for those photographers who’re thinking about starting Twitter activity or the way to spice up an existing account.

1. Scott Wyden Kivowitz


2. 500px is Photography

3. Antonio Martez

4. Lara Jade

5. Jonathan Nafarrete

6. Digital Photo Pro

7. Ken Kaminesky

8. John Lund

9. Evaan Kheraj

10. White House News Photographers Association

11. desianwar

12. Adam Bouska

13. Blair Bunting

14.Steve Blake

15. Modern Art Gallery

16. DJ Scoop

17. Damien Morley

18. Quavondo

19. Alvin Nguyen

20. Igor Vasiliadis

21. Lawrence Chan

22. MIke Luter

23. Mario Sixtus

24. JasmineStar

25. StevenTaylor


27. Mila Milan

28. Jonavennci Divad

29. Caroline Mueller

30. Johan Rheborg

31. Mac Faulkner

32. Ville Miettinen

33. Damira Maricic

34. Robert Caplin

35. Roger Moenks

36. Tampa Band Photos

37. TamaraLackey

38. Catherine Hall

39. Damien Franco

40. Lindsay Adler

41. Jim Goldstein

42. Deborah Lee

43. Juergen Buergin

44. Tyler Whitacre

45. Travel/Food/Events

46. photoframd

47. Chris Crisman

48. Cris Mitchell

49. Marty McPadden

50. Leigh Caraccioli

Do You Have Creative Twitter Background?

I’m pretty sure that I’ve missed out a lot of great backgrounds. Thus, feel free to share a link to your Twitter profile in the comments below and show off your own background.

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