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Can Camera Lens Get Wet: How to Dry a Camera Lens

If you take pictures outside your home, it is bound to happen at one point or  another.  The moment when you feel everything is lost and doom is near — you drop your lens in water.


Thankfully, the sky is not falling, and you can protect and save your precious equipment if you take the right and necessary steps quickly. Keep reading this article to see what these steps are.

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How To Save PNG in Photoshop (If Its Not Letting You)

You’ve got your creation exactly how you want it and now it’s time to save it. You want to save it as a PNG. However, when you go to save it, PNG does not appear in the list of file type options that you can choose. What do you do?  Shaking your fist at your computer in frustration will do little to resolve the problem. But you’re in luck because reading this article will offer you the answer.


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Review of Tourbox Controller For Creators

Today I got to test out the Tourbox.  The company behind it claims its the “ultimate controller for creators”.  The Tourbox is said to be compatible with many programs including Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and Capture One, drawing software, like Clip Studio Paint, Comic Studio and SAI, or video and audio editing software, like Final Cut Pro, Premiere, After Effects, DaVinci, Audition and C4D. 

Lets see how it performs….

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How to Elevate Your Photography Portfolio With Video Collage Creation in SmartSHOW 3D

When it comes to photography software, the most common names that come up are Adobe Lightroom, which is often used to work with RAW images, and Adobe Photoshop, which is often used to perform retouching tasks like smoothing out skin, removing blemishes, and fixing exposure. While these programs are fantastic for the editing process, photographers tend to be left to their own devices when they need to create a portfolio, do a consultation one-on-one with a prospective client, or convince clients to make a purchase.

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