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Check out the Big Bang Bundle: A Design Bundle Worth $15K for Only $49…Insane!

Yup, you read that right: If you want value on top of value that you can’t beat or find anywhere else, then you absolutely have to make plans to check out the Big Bang Bundle from Inky Deals. You won’t regret it, and you’ll be surprised at the insane degree of value that you’ll find there. Calling all photographers: This means you!


Photographers are highly creative people and professionals, so a design bundle like this is just what the doctor ordered. Read more…

50K Creative Professionals Creating Their Websites Code-Free With Webydo; See Why

Some of you may have already heard about Webydo, and some of you may have not, but that’s alright. You’ll probably be hearing plenty more about it in the future. Webydo’s a web-design platform that lets people create pretty rad-looking HTML websites that have a built-in CMS, too.


And they’re able to do all of this without even knowing the slightest thing about code. Naturally, we think it’s a great tool for photographers who are in need of their own portfolio website. Read more…

Studio Lighting Setups for Portrait Photography: Part II

This is another in a series of articles on studio lighting that I put together with help from Karl Leopold at ImagesForever.net in Melbourne, Florida. Karl graciously opened his studio to me and patiently went through the basics of lighting a studio portrait.

Last time we went over a fairly basic three-point lighting setup for studio photography and that was fun and you can do quite a lot just by moving the lights around and adjusting your camera settings. But for many only using three lights left you wanting more.

More lights, you say! You want to burn more power! Yeah, buddy, now you’re talking my language! So you want it bigger; well, my friend, step right this way.

Read more…

How Sky Replacement Can Enhance Your Real Estate Photo

The Perfect real estate photograph is made up of three perfect sections which include; the real estate piece/unit in question, the surroundings or background and lastly the sky which hangs above them all.


The beauty of each these parts have their roles in real estate photography and we shall be focusing on the sky section and how editing skies in real estate photos can enhance the overall image.
Read more…

What is the best Canon lens for everyday photography?

There are many things that you need to consider even for everyday photography. Starting with the camera you are using, all the way to the anticipated end result.


To narrow down our little search, we need to take into account at least a couple of elements. For starters, what would be the best Canon lens for everyday photography? Read more…