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Vintage Photos As The Trend Of The Day

Why do you like the vintage style? What zest does it have? Why so many people are going crazy about it: they buy related clothing and attributes, design weddings in this style, make photos.

Photo by karenvive

Photo by karenvive

In my opinion, this style is so popular due to its lovely image. Look at some vintage photos, what do you see?

Warm colors, soft shining, some kinda old school furniture that you might have seen in childhood, some cool grandfather’s devices. All this stuff glows with love, freedom and the taste of sweet cookies. Our memory plays with us resurrecting the most pleasant moments. That’s why the vintage style is so popular.

Look at an old photo. What can you see in it? Not only the composition, right? You can see the story of this photo. Various scrapes and spots can tell us many interesting facts. By the way, you can add such effects on your photo using different textures.

So what are the distinctive features of the vintage photography? How to make a cool vintage photo? The first tip I can give you – use some kinda related content. Retro cars, devices, old school clothing and furniture – all these attributes will bring some vintage effect in your works. You should make your photo look like an old one (this is the reason why vintage photos can’t be bright). Use some muted tones, play with hue and saturation, your goal is a stunning result.

I’m sure that our eyes are the best teachers. I can talk for hours about the beauty of vintage photography and have no effect. But I can show you only one awesome photo and you’ll love the vintage style just like me. No one can predict it. To be sure that my bullet hits the target I’ve collected this huge roundup of vintage photography. Enjoy!

Vintage Rust Texture by CubaGallery

vintage photo of an old car

Retro Radio by CubaGallery

retro radio photography

Vintage by Karenvive

vintage photography

Vintage by JOY958

retro photography

Retro/Vintage Photography by CubaGallery

retro radio photography

Retro/Vintage Car by CubaGallery

retro/vintage car

Vintage-3 by Matmoon

vontage photo of a girl with dark hair

Vintage Wedding Idea

retro wedding photography

Vintage Wedding Idea

retro style photography

Style Me Pretty

candies and sweets

The Vintage by MasochisticHeartache

vintage photography

Coca-Cola by Whatsername2609

Coca-Cola in vintage

Take Me A Photo by Andru89

girl with a photo camera

Everything You Say Is Fine by Lucas Sowada

a man photo

Our Vision by Stephaniee1219

vintage photo of legs

Vintage/Retro Camera by CubaGallery

vintage photo camera

Vintage/Retro Clock by CubaGallery

retro clock with two cats in love

Vintage by CubaGallery

retro radio

Peach by Girltripped

vintage girl

Butterfly by Cherrilady

a girl under the sun

Mi Tierra by Gokturkayan

a day with horses

Vintage Car by Beadriana

vintage car

Leaving by Andrey Nastasenko

a girl on a bicycle

Life’s Adventure by Darren Smith

girl with a trunk

Me And A Camera by Carmen Moreno

girl with a camera

The Bonneville Salt Flats by David Bouchat

cars in a desert

Shot Of Death by David Bouchat

car with brocken windshield

The Vow by Genieve Celada

vintage book

Vintage Scene by Luke Hayter

vintage image

On The Sidewalk by Allard Schager

bicycle on a sidewalk

Goodbye Kiss by Renaissance Studios

vintage kiss

Gift From The Pat by Alessandro Reginato

old camera

Suitcase by Allison Dandrea


Victorian by Isabella A.

vintage photo

Kickin Back by Renaissance Studios

vintage wedding photo

Eleven Degrees by Andres Conejo

vintage girl

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