History of Cameras: Illustrated Timeline

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Photographic cameras’ roots go deep. Everything started with the camera obscura, and continued with Daguerreotypes, 35mm cameras, digital cameras and camera phones.

Now we offer you to learn more about the photo cameras ‘way’ through ages and generations of photographers.


The first pinhole camera (also called the Camera Obscura) was invented by Alhazen (Ibn Al-Haytham).

camera history


The Daguerreotype Camera was announced by the French Academy of Sciences. One of these inventions is now the world’s most expensive cameras.

camera history


The first American patent issued in photography to Alexander Wolcott for his camera.

history ofcamera


The panoramic camera patented by Thomas Sutton.

camera history


Oliver Wendell Holmes invents stereoscope viewer.

camera history


George Eastman patents Kodak roll-film camera. Eastman was a pioneer in photographic films usage. He also started manufacturing paper films in 1885. His first �Kodak� box camera was very simple and very cheap.

camera history


First mass-marketed camera – the Brownie � was presented by Eastman. It was on sale until 1960s.

camera history


The Raisecamera (travel camera) was invented. Extreme light weight and small dimensions when it is folded made this photo camera the most desirable thing for landscape photographers.

history ofcamera


The first 35mm still camera (also called �candid� camera ) developed by Oskar Barnack of German Leica Camera. Later it became the standard for all film cameras.

camera history


Edwin Land invented the Polaroid camera which could take a picture and print it in about one minute.

camera timeline


EG&G develops extreme depth underwater camera for U.S. Navy.


Konica introduces the first point-and-shoot, autofocus camera Konica C35 AF. It was named “Jasupin”.

camera history


Sony demonstrates the Sony Mavica – the world’s first digital electronic still camera. Digital photography and television images are related to the same technology, so this camera recorded images into a mini disk and then put them into a video reader. Images could be displayed to a television monitor or color printer.

camera history


Fuji introduced the disposable camera. The inventors also call this device “single-use cameras”.


Kodak released the first professional digital camera system (DCS) which was of a great use for photojournalists. It was a modified Nikon F-3 camera with a 1.3 megapixel sensor.

camera history


The first digital cameras for the consumer-level market that worked with a home computer via a serial cable were the Apple QuickTake 100 camera (February 17 , 1994), the Kodak DC40 camera (March 28, 1995), the Casio QV-11 (with LCD monitor, late 1995), and Sony’s Cyber-Shot Digital Still Camera (1996).

camera history


In Japane Sharp’s J-SH04 introduced the world’s first camera phone.

camera history


The Canon EOS 5D is launched. This is first consumer-priced full-frame digital SLR with a 24x36mm CMOS sensor.

history ofcamera

We hope that this timeline of cameras was quite interesting for you. You can find other facts about camers here.

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