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5 Must-Know Photoshop Tricks For Photographers

For every photographer, it is a dream to get everything right in the camera. However, it is not possible every time, you cannot always get your shots right. Sometimes, magnificent moments happen in a flash. In such cases, you cannot meticulously adjust your camera setting and look for the perfect lighting to get the perfect picture.


For example, if you are a wedding photographer, you need to be on the toes, so that your camera does not lose even a single memorable moment.

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15 Inspirational Presentation Folders for Professional Photographers

Since the first consumer camera was introduced more than 130 years ago, photography folders have provided a solid means for organizing and protecting developed and printed images. Somewhere down the line, ambitious photographers began to use them to market their services and separate themselves from the pack by branding their work.

Presentation folders for photographers should be taken seriously because they represent your brand and can be the first impression clients get.

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Canon EOS 6D Mark II Review: Full-Frame King?

Moving from the APS-C to the full-frame world can be a very intimidating thing to do. After all, you’re going to spend a significant amount of money; money you have most likely been saving up for quite some time.

Canon EOS 6D Mark II_main

There are so many options out there, and we know you want to pick a camera that will give the most bang out of your buck and be a perfect fit for your shooting style or habits.

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Top 5 Best Leica Digital Cameras

The digital era is here and photography has taken many strides into the future of artificial intelligence, thanks to camera lenses that beat human imagination. That is not all. There are many different brands to choose from such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus among others. But, does it mean everything you are going to buy should be automated and have all the bells and whistles? No!


Leica cameras are known for their attention to detail during manufacturing, and in the superior lenses while the company has reduced the camera to its essentials.

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