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11 Premium & Free Resources for Photographers (Bundles, eBooks, Courses)

How do I start my own photography business? How can I improve my shooting skills? What do I need to edit images faster? There’s no lack of information to answer these and other questions photographers may face.

But then again, choosing the right eBook, email course, or Lightroom preset collection from an overwhelming amount of available resources may be quite a challenging task these days.

11 Excellent Premium & Free Resources for Photographers

Not worries though, as always we’re here to help! In this post you can find 10 of the best premium and free resources for photographers that will help you achieve your goals and improve your workflow

From eBooks to Lightroom preset bundles, it includes only top-quality photography resources from the world’s most trusted photographers and industry experts. Enjoy it!

1. The Ultimate Photography Bundle

The Ultimate Photography Bundle by PhotographyPla.net

PhotographyPla.net’s comprehensive resource kit enables you to use literally thousands of Lightroom presets, Photoshop actions, and other excellent photo editing tools for a fraction of the kit’s actual value.

So instead of buying small collections of presets, you can save like 98% and get $5000 of products for as low as $99. Such offers usually don’t last long, so be sure to use it before it’s not too late.

2. Photodoto Bundle: Canon Edition / Nikon Edition

Photodoto Bundle

Photography newbies’ favorite resources are now even more affordable. For a limited time, you can purchase our best-selling 99 Posing Tips Cheat Sheet, Essential Camera Settings Guide (for Canon or Nikon cameras), plus our collection of Lightroom presets for just $39. The bundle’s market value is $65 so you save 40%.

Grab Photodoto Bundle (Canon Edition) or Photodoto Bundle (Nikon Edition) now!

3. MotoCMS Free eBooks

MotoCMS Free Ebooks

Whether you’re just creating your first photography website or you want it to rank better in search engines, free resources from MotoCMS will come in handy. Download the Complete Guide to On-Page Optimization and Choosing Domain & Hosting Guide to get actionable tips on how to set up your photo website and attract more leads to it.

4. Nik Collection Presets and Recipes

Google Nik Collection Presets & Recipes

If you’re using Google Nik Collection Plugins for Lightroom, Photoshop, or Aperture, this offer will definitely appeal to you. You can get 49 presets for HDR Efex Pro 2, Silver Efex Pro 2, and Color Efex Pro 2 for less than $10.

5. 50% Off Topaz Labs Complete Collection

Topaz Labs Bundle

For those who never heard of Topaz Labs this deal may seem like a not so good one. But if you’re familiar with the exceptional quality of the Topaz Labs image editing tools, a 50% off their entire collection of effects is a worthy offer for sure. What makes it especially cool is a free trial option so you could give it a spin before purchasing.

6. PixelGear 2 Filter Package for Professional Retouching

PixelGear2 Retouching Effects

With this offer, you can get an easy-to-use plugin containing a vast collection of image enhancement tools for $24 instead of regular $49.90.

7. Trey Ratcliff’s eBook Bundle

Trey Ratcliff's Ebook Bundle

Eight eBooks covering HDR photography, Photoshop, and general advice for photographers, written by the popular travel photographer and blogger Trey Ratcliff with 30% off. The bundle also includes several bonus materials.

8. Photoshop Week

Photoshop Week Free Broadcast

With 39 classes from the world’s most respected Photoshop and Lightroom experts, the CreativeLive Photoshop Week 2016 is definitely an event not to miss. And the best part is that you can access it free of charge! The event’s 100% free live stream will be available for viewing during Feb 22-27th. If you’re up to lifetime access and on-demand downloads, you can pre-order it for $299.

9. Photodoto Free Email Course

Photodoto Free Email Course

From handy tech tips to actionable marketing advice, our free e-course “7 Days to Earning More as a Photographer” helps you build an effective strategy for turning your hobby into a career. Join now via the popup or email signup up form in the sidebar, it’s free!

10. The Shy Photographer’s Guide to Confidence

Shy Photographer's Guide to Confidence

This eBook by the well-known photography coach Lauren Lim is available for free download in case you subscribe to Photography Concentrate’s email updates. Double-win!

11. How to Start a Photography Business Email Course

The Modern Tog Free Email Course

If you want to quit your day job in favor of photography, or you’re struggling to get your photography business off the ground, this free email course from Jamie Swanson, aka The Modern Tog is a must-have for you.

Over to You

What educational and workflow tools do YOU use to skill up your photography and grow your business? Share your tips with fellow photographers in the comments!

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