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Review: Ziplens online lens rental service

As I mentioned last Friday, my first rental arrived from ZipLens.com. ZipLens is an online lens rental service that opened last month. The service, like competitor Rentglass.com, rents lenses for periods of one, two, or three weeks at a time for the fraction of the cost of traditional rental services. Shipping both ways is prepaid and all of the return packing material is provided so returning a lens is as simple as packing it and dropping it off at your local post office (or even just giving it to your mail carrier).

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Package from Ziplens.com has arrived

My initial reaction is that the process worked just like Ziplens.com said it would, which is good. My first impression was a good one with one minor and one major improvement over the service at Rentglass.com. I’ll explain what I mean when I finish my full review this weekend.

What did I rent? The 12-24 f/4 Tokina. I’ll have a review of that later as well after I get over this feeling of giddy excitement I have about the prospect of shooting with it.

Weekend Assignment October 6, 2006: Ordinary things

The weekend assignment has seen a bit of a dry spell but that is ending today. Inspired by this photo, previously blogged on Photodoto, I’d like to make this assignment all about finding beauty in ordinary things. More than just a simple historical record, a photograph—or, more accurately, a photographer—has the ability to elevate anything from the mundane to the beautiful with a click of the shutter. This weekend’s assignment is a challenge in seeing. To envision the possibilities rather than what is seen at first glance. To make art from something that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.

Subject matter can be anything but try to make it something that most people ignore or take for granted. Other than that there are no restrictions. You can shoot a large scene or a single object. Whatever it takes. I know this is a broad topic but I’m hoping it will show you that photographic possibilities truly are all around us—we just need to adjust our seeing.

As always, please share your results with the rest of us in the Photodoto discussion group. And have a great weekend.

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