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30 Examples of Amazing Shadow Art

Making shadow puppets on the wall is something that we are all familiar with, but some people take it to a whole other level. But even beyond the shadow puppets and elaborate hand gestures lies another aspect of playing with shadows.

A photographer knows the value of light and darkness, of shadow and depth. These examples show some amazing and inspirational examples of shadow art created, literally, with junk.

1. Shadow Art by Kumi Yamashita

This shadow art was created with wooden blocks. Who knew that simple blocks could create such a great and realistic looking female shadow?

2. Shadow Art by Kumi Yamashita

Another great shadow cast by number blocks. I love the expressiveness of this!

3. Rat love by Tim Noble and Sue Webster

Rat love. A spider-web of junk was carefully crafted to make the shadow of two rats, their tails intertwined into a heart.

4. Dirty White Trash by Tim Noble and Sue Webster

This one makes me laugh. If you look at it closely, you will see the artist’s humor at work. Not only do the shadows show two people relaxing and drinking, but the collection of junk and trash has attracted seagulls!

5. Shadow Art by Kumi Yamashita

A face is the subject of this shadow art. Again, it was created with alphabet blocks. How perfect it looks!

6. Shadow sculpture by Tim Noble and Sue Webster

Not one but two thinking men are the subjects of this shadow art. I love the sepia tone.

7. Shadow sculpture by Tim Noble and Sue Webster

Now for a gruesome take on the subject of shadows. A crow is pecking at two severed heads on posts. Great for a Halloween decoration, right?

8. Russ and Reyn

Mixing shadows with real life can be quite amusing to look at. This image of a woman hanging on a giant finger brings a smile to my face.

9. Goggleglasses

The amazing detail that is put into creating a likeness of Michael Jackson through the use of random items is enough to make any fan appreciate the image.

10. Rashad Alakbarov Paints with Shadows and Light

Who said that shadow art can’t be used with colors? In this image using light passing through colored glass objects to make a beach scene with a boat, a sense of the tropical fills the heart.

11. Shark attack

Even wildlife can become artistic. This duck could be in some serious trouble if that shark sees him swimming along.

12. Rashad Alakbarov Paints

You can see a dome city come to life with the use of random household items in this image. It seems like it could be taken right out of the middle-eastern areas in terms of architecture.

13. Funny Funda

The use of three people to create an image of a man sitting on a toilet is nothing short of amazing. I am drawn to this image as flesh and blood can be utilized to create inanimate objects in this manner.

14. Martin Cathrae

It’s amazing to see natural imagery appear from the most oddest places. For instance, a claw from one creature can create an image of a swan in its shadow.

15. Rashad Alakbarov Paints

By using two focal points of light, an entire city skyline can be created giving a panoramic appearance. In this image, the artist uses a variety of items to create the specific effect.

16. Tim Noble and Sue Webster

If you have some left over refuse from wood shop, why not make some art out of it? Layers of manipulated discarded wood can create the image of a man standing.

17. Shoe Reflection

Shadow imagery can incorporate the use of an eraser. In this image, the owners of these shoes had been removed leaving only their feet to accentuate the shadow and reflection in the water.

18. Fred Eerdekens

The use of wiring to create shadow art is quite popular. Manipulating the wire in order for it to spell out a word in cursive is quite inspirational. I wonder how hard it would be to spell out my name?

19. Fred Eerdekens

By strategically placing an object with a bit of manipulation, nearly anything can be achieved through shadows. Words can be developed from a tree, for example.

20. Shigeo Fukuda

At first glance, this is nothing more than a pile of metallic junk. However, throw a light behind it and a dirt bike could appear on the floor. It’s amazingly detailed and one of my favorite pieces of art.

21. Tim Noble and Sue Webster

Without the lighting, this could look more like a scene from a shooting range. Cans riddled with holes are turned into a city skyline complete with “lights” on in the windows.

22. Rashad Alakbarov

Using various water bottles suspended in mid air, the artist has constructed the facial outline of a man with a mustache. Can you imagine walking into that room without the contrasting light source? It’s not everyday you see water bottles hanging from the ceiling.

23. Rashad Alakbarov

As wire and trees have been manipulated in order to spell out words, so can pipes to spell out, “crisis.” This could make a great commercial for a plumber.

24. Funny Funda

Who doesn’t want to see a cow riding a scooter? This is another example of how using people can create images that is above the scope of imagination.

25. Kumi Yamashita

This image presents origami in a new light. By folding and crinkling the paper in a perfect fashion, a face can be seen.

26. Kumi Yamashita

By utilizing a thin piece of carved material, this image gives me the sense that it’s raining and the couple are holding up a newspaper to protect themselves. It is a prime example of how something so small and thin can create such an amazing picture.

27. Kumi Yamashita

In this image, the figure of a man sits comfortably on the object that gives him substance. Properly cut materials with the right lighting creates this man as he seemingly waits patiently for something.

28. Niloy J. Mitra and Mark Pauly

In this suspended image, it looks as though a couple are in the thralls of a dance. I can’t make out what object the artists are using in this image, but the result is uncanny.

29. Fork Shadow

By changing the background of the image, even a metallic object can become warped and twisted. By shifting the material under the fork, the artist can give it a bent look.

30. Batman Sign Shadow Art

With a little practice, anyone can accomplish his or her own Bat-Signal. By manipulating your hands in such a fashion, your friends and family will be impressed. Don’t be surprised if the Dark Knight himself pulls up to your house.


Shadow art may not be for everyone, but it is a very good reason to remember to keep looking at the same old things in new ways. Who would have ever thought that wooden blocks and garbage could create something so unique and inspirational?

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