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50 Majestic Spring Photography Examples to Set Up Your Mood

No matter how long the winter is, spring is sure to follow. Spring is a fantastic season that brings nature back to life. It’s often considered the most beautiful and inspiring time of the year with its colorful, refreshing and vivid imagery and structures. This post proves just that!

Photo by SoraBelle

Photo by SoraBelle

The wide range of flowers that appears is probably one of the best things to shoot within springtime. There are also lots of other objects to pay attention to. To figure out what, see our previous post about eight reasons we’re looking forward to springtime photography.

Today, I’d love to embrace spring and let the spring embrace you. I have put together 50 wonderful spring photography examples to set up your mood and give you a few fresh ideas. Photographers captured flowers, landscapes and breathtaking flora in order to show off the true beauty of spring. You may be inspired to take a few spring shots yourself!

Spring by kirawinter

Roe deer – Chevreuil dans un champ de ble by Alain Balthazard

…kaczence by kokoszkaa

Spring by Jesus Martin Mirelis

Together we will live forever by PawelMatys

.. spring by kokoszkaa

Spring. by loLO-o

Pirin II by f-f-w-d

Fly away by HQheart

pink spring by kokoszkaa

Alice Lake Reflection by James Wheeler

Spring by AbidingDaRules

… by kokoszkaa

First Sight by Karisca

Morning elegance you wear by PawelMatys

Spring… by Pawel Kucharski

Dandelion by fruitpunch1

Last Spring by Oxy Z

Endless lavender rows in Provence by Tramont_ana

Early Spring by MaaykeKlaver

Spring in a square by incredi

Spring by SoraBelle

Fuji Shibazakura festival by Jirat Srisabye

Spring Time by Jaro Miscevic

Pink Tulip Serenity by David Forster

Splash of Spring by Oer-Wout

Spring is coming by sivandogan1212

Sounds of Spring by incredi

beautiful pink tulips by by-sannee

Colours by Simon Roy

Crazy Diamond by Howard Snyder

foretaste of spring by PatrickRuegheimer

Cool Air by Peter From

Spring field by matthieu-parmentier

Spring is in the air by jack22

Lullaby II by Magda Wasiczek

spring by AdrianaKH-75

Guardian of Bokehs by Silver Paul

That’s How Spring Smells by Hans-Joachim Brunig


Spotlight on Spring by Jenny Haritou

Spirit Island by Eva Lechner

spring rain by Zsolt Varanka

My beautiful Spring by Samantha-meglioli

Spring by Maplemusketeer

Beauty by Lady-Tori

Rice terrace in the moning by MIYAMOTO Y

It feels like spring it’s back by loLO-o

Spring is coming by LoMiTa

Just a Memory of Spring VIII by MyLifeThroughTheLens

Last Word

Spring is the best time to refresh your creative vision at your work and around the world. When you do, try to imagine how it could better represent the atmosphere of spring by experimenting with colors, lighting and angles, like how it is done in the pictures here. Feel free to share your ideas, thoughts and creative spring photography examples in the comment field below.

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