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Ann Davlin

Ann Davlin is a young inspired editor of Design Web Kit Blog. She takes a rose-colored view of all the things around and will be glad to share her world-view with you. Find her on Google+.

Flash Photo Gallery Templates for Sale on Lower Price

Christmas is one of the most memorable and long-awaited holiday seasons of the year. Children are waiting for presents and Santa Clouse coming, their parents prepare houses and workplaces for holiday parties and it seems that the whole world is covered by a pre-holiday hurry-scurry. And on this crazy period of time we want to give you a chance to make a present to yourself!

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Free Christmas Photoshop Brushes on the Holiday Eve

Every day and even every hour Christmas time comes closer. So it’s time to start thinking about a New Year Tree, a snowman on the roof and Christmas presents. But a holiday is not a holiday without cute and memorable photo cards from/for close friends and relatives.

Probably it’s a good thing if you buy some greeting cards in a nearest shopping mall and write several words there. But just imagine the pleasure you can bring to someone else choosing personalized Christmas cards. You can either order them in some photo studio or open Photoshop and try to do your best to create perfect Christmas cards for your closest people.

If you decide to design Christmas cards (or maybe just photos) yourself you will require some specific Photoshop tools. And now we want to present you 20 free Christmas Photoshop brushes which are very easy to use and which will help you to decorate any image in a matter of couple of minutes.

You can download all the brush sets right now absolutely free and without any registrations. Just save the free Photoshop brush set on your computer and enjoy this magical pre-Christmas time.

Snow Flakes Brush Set

Snow Flakes Brush Set

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Into The Wild: Dangerous Animals Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography attracts with its special beauty and the spirit of adventurism. Not everybody dares to come close enough to wild animals to take several mind-blowing shots. They are unpredictable and very dangerous that’s why wildlife photography is always asked for. What is more important, to photograph in the wild you don’t even require complex and expensive equipment (it’s better to say that special equipment is not obligatory), you just need to be in time in the right place.

Today we offer you several dangerous animals wildlife photos, so that you can have a good look at the wild beauty. This photo collection includes 20 marvelous shots made by brave and skillful photographers from all over the world. All animals on these pictures look quite peaceful and sometimes it’s even hard to believe that they can heart you. But in spite of this short-lived impression, don’t try to take such photos without getting special knowledge. Don’t put your life at risk! You should better enjoy photos of animals living in the wild nature here. They are waiting for your appreciations!


wildlife photography:panthera onca

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