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Ann Davlin

Ann Davlin is a young inspired editor of Design Web Kit Blog. She takes a rose-colored view of all the things around and will be glad to share her world-view with you. Find her on Google+.

Super Touching Newborn Photographers Portfolios You Must See

Newborn children look so innocent and heart-touching that almost every photographer can’t predict the temptation to take several shots. Newborns sleep all the time that’s why they are perfect models, they do everything you want. In fact, you just need to pose them and set up the lighting – babies will sweetly sleep and you can start taking photos.

Do you know the best way to photograph newborns? Catch at the opportunity when parents don’t know that you’re shooting them. Thereby you’ll get the most sensitive photos. This works every time.

When older people prepare themselves for a photo session they are ready to say “Cheese!” and stretch their lips into a smile. But these smiles often look like fake. What about newborns, they are always natural and you can be sure that these little models will bring you joy and make your photos extremely sensitive.

And now prepare yourself for something awesome and touching because below you’ll find 20 photo portfolios of newborn and maternity photographers!

Purely Newborn Photography

newborn photographers photo portfolio

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Halloween Special: Black Cats Photos

Halloween is not an ordinary holiday, it’s a great set of symbols of past generations and human fears. Some of these symbols are familiar to our everyday life and we think of their magic features only when Halloween is just around the corner.

Black cats, bats, broomsticks, ghosts, blood, pumpkins, gravestones, witches, skulls and skeletons are usual symbols of this day. But now we’d like to draw your attention to black cats photos. These graceful and beautiful pets live in our homes all over the world, they warm us when it’s cold and purr their magic songs.

Long time ago black cats were considered to be able to predict the future. But nowadays they are more likely our affectionate friends then evil creatures. So we want to show you playful and majestic, demonic and sweet black cats photos.

We hope that these cats and kittens pictures will please you very very much and make you smile on a scary Halloween time.


black cats pictures

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Free Vector Cliparts for Halloween Designs

Halloween is near enough and it draws nearer every day, every hour and every minute. So we want to ask you are you ready for the celebration? This post is the second article on Halloween-related topic. It includes 20 free vector cliparts which would be a good decoration for any postcards, emails, photos, websites, etc.

Last Friday we published the post with a collection of free Halloween Photoshop brushes which was the first one of Halloween-related freebie selections from PhotoGalleryCMS. And today we gladly offer you a new portion of free tools that, we hope, will be useful for you on this Halloween eve.

Black and White Clipart for Halloween

Black silhouettes are extremely popular design trends at all times. They are very versatile decoration elements for almost anything. So take a look at these black and white vector cliparts. All of them are absolutely free of charge, so you can download them right now.

Satan Clipart

free halloween clipart

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Free Halloween Photoshop Brush Sets

The Halloween night of 2011 is just around the corner. High and low, all start thinking about holiday costume parties, trick-or-treating, etc.. Usually on the eve of Halloween it happens that millions urgent matters prevent you from preparing gifts, sweets, greeting cards and pumpkins for the celebration. That’s why we want to help you to create Halloween post cards and decorate photos with Halloween symbols. Scary and funny Halloween Photoshop brushes will help you to strike your friends, relatives, clients and business partners with pictures of toothy pumpkins, bony skeletons, red blood splashes and vampire fangs.

So until the Halloween time comes let�s dive into the fantastic atmosphere of pre-holiday imaginary world. Lets decorate all around (your websites, portfolios, social media accounts and avatars) with the holiday attributes. So here you’ll find 20 free Halloween Photoshop brush sets which can make your Halloween more impressive, expressive and memorable.

It’s the first Halloween-related post with numerous frightening freebies that are so awesome they’ll scare the hell out of you all! We’re already working on arranging them for you. Within the next few days we’ll be glad to present you more freebies, so please stay in touch with us to be the first one on the web to be prepared for this Halloween!

Halloween Cats Brush

free halloween photoshop brush sets

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