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Ann Davlin

Ann Davlin is a young inspired editor of Design Web Kit Blog. She takes a rose-colored view of all the things around and will be glad to share her world-view with you. Find her on Google+.

How to Hashtag Photography Tweets

Twitter has more then 100 million monthly active users and half of them log in every day. On Twitter you can easily find like-minders and friends, customers and business partners. For photographers it’s a great chance to build a close relationship with current and potential clients and to become more recognizable in photography sphere. All these things are quite well known for most of you. But not everybody is versed in Twitter hashtags. These bizarre words can be very irritative or, maybe you don’t even know that they exist. :) So take a minute to know these scraps of words better and not only will you find them useful and effective, they’ll also become your best assistants for your whole life in Twitter!

Benefits from #hashtags

  • Twitter hashtags help users to spread information.
  • They arrange and categorize flows of information. It is kind of similar to the Google Search in Twitter
  • Hashtags increase your chances to hit the very target audience.
  • They increase your recognizability among experts in professional circles.
  • It is a great promotional tool which doesn’t require any complex knowledge and skills.

It’s very easy to use hashtags: just add #YourHashtag to the end of your tweet:

twitter photography hashtags

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Desirable Macro Photography

Macro photography is a very special artwork when an object looks greater then its life size is. You can even find photo cameras specially created for close-up photography. But most photographers prefer specifically designed ‘macro’ lenses.

Close-up shots always display details which are hard to be seen with the naked eye (it is almost impossible to find them out). That’s why macro photos always look interesting and impressive.

Insects, water drops and flowers are the most common things in macro photography. Everybody likes to dazzle a poor insect with a flash of camera and then take a good look at shots for hours. But today we offer you to view brilliant examples of macro photography,which will make you desire to be on that photos.


macro photography

* * *

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Top Ten Most Expensive Photo Cameras

You will probably be saving money for all your life to buy one of these photo cameras. It’s even hard to bring yourself to call them ‘gadgets’ – maybe masterpieces for crowned photographers or maybe the greatest foolishness of the world. Who knows?

Each of these photo cameras is distinguished with its specifications, design or history, so everybody will find something interesting here. And if you’re going to rob a bank, to marry the billionaire’s daughter or to win a million dollars in a lottery then welcome to the world of unthinkably rich photographers and collectors!

1.Susse Freres Daguerreotype Camera nearly $978,000

the most expensive photo cameras

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10 Super Cool Gadgets and Gizmos for Geek Photographers

Hi there! In this post you can find 10 coolest and creative photography-related gadgets and gizmos which you probably have never seen and used. Surely it is not an exhaustive list of crazy devices for photographers but from our point of view these ones will be of a great use for professional and amateur photographers.

The technical world develops rapidly and probably some of these photography gadgets are well known for you, our advanced photo fans. But we hope that there are some things which are foreign to your experience and so you’ll try them on the tip from us.

The iPhone Telephoto Lens

gadgets and gizmos for photographers

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Black and White Photos of Women

It is said that only black and white photography can pass on the true beauty of the world. Many photographers believe that monochrome photos look much better and show more details of subjects. This photo technique distances a photographer from shots’ scenes and makes it almost impossible to influence to an end-viewer perception.

When you photograph people in color you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls!

Ted Grant

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