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Steven M

Steven McConnell is a professional photographer based in Sydney, Australia. He currently specialises in family photography and is passionate about creating photographs which tell real stories and businesses which deliver real value. You can connect with him on Google+

How To Experience Rapid Growth As A Photographer

Growth is a direct result of being outside your comfort zone. But being outside your comfort zone can be wonderful thing and it can also be your worst nightmare.

The trick is in striking the perfect balance between doing what you know how to do well and doing what you have no idea about.


Let’s say someone asks you to photograph their wedding. You are pretty handy with your DSLR, but you’ve never shot a wedding before. Read more…

Grow Your Photography Business By Growing As A Human Being

Most articles which talk about improving your photography business will tell you about how to become a better photographer.

Some will tell you about the need to improve your business skills.


Sure, those are important. But I think they’re missing something. And it’s ironic that they’re missing the most obvious and most important part of your business – you. Read more…

Are Your Photos “Good Enough” For You To Be A Professional Photographer?

There are a lot of photographers out there selling photos, which are well … rubbish.

And there are many people out there who regard photography as an unpaid hobby, and yet produce shots which could be sold.

Photo by Extra Medium

Photo by Extra Medium

How do you know if your photography is suitable for the commercial world?

It’s not an easy question to answer, and I don’t claim to have an outright answer for you. I don’t think anyone does. Read more…

How To Become A Professional Photographer. Now.

I see more and more magazine articles and blog posts where disillusioned photographers advise aspiring young passionate artists not to enter this career.

A few weeks ago, for example, I picked up a popular photography magazine and was left depressed because just about every article talked about photography being a dying profession and the inadequacy of it to pay bills.


The feature article of the magazine in question had an interview with an industry hotshot, and her golden piece of advice in that article was not to consider photography as a full-time career, but to limit it to “weekend-warrior” type of gig.

Read more…

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