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Black and White Photography: People

�If there is too much noise, at least for me, it is difficult to hear the melody. I assume as much for the audience. It is an Eastern experience when I shoot. An attempt at Zen within the frame.”

David Mendelsohn.

Indeed, black-and- white photo turns the image to its basic form and lets the viewers feel the photo deeper. The tones of gray in combination with strong black and soft white gives the viewers better understanding of the image subject. The emotions that a black-and-white photo evokes are stronger than a color image is able to arouse: such an effect is reached due to stark contrasts and a direct focus on the image�s idea.

In comparison with colorful bright images where striking colors make the photo to stand out, black-and-white images cannot attract us with the play of colors. Here the viewer�s attention is grabbed by finding the right contrast, lighting and subject. Line, contour, texture� shape, shadow � these are the meanings that make sense in the art of black-and-white photography.

Today we have collected some good, in our opinion, black-and-white photos of People. The photos are created by different photographers (professionals and amateurs).

The black-and-white photography is a classic which will always be appreciated�

David Terrazas


A Boy and His Dog


Watching You

Boys in Whitstable Town

Jack Radcliffe

Shazeen Samad

One Shoot

Tim Corbeel


King Douglas

Monika Brand

Raphael Guarino

Andre du Plessis

And which photo from the collection do you like the most? Share your opinion with other readers in comments.

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