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Getty Gestalt

Getty Gestalt Getty Images is running a drawing through November 3rd with some amazing prizes. The grand prize is your choice of a Fantasy Trip: a 13 day African safari, a 7 day trip to London to attend a major sporting event with sideline access with a Getty photographer, a 12 day trip to the Galapagos islands, a 7 day All-Star sports game trip and 42″ HDTV, a 7 day trip to Monaco for the Formula 1 races, or a 7 day trip to New York for fashion week. All of the grand prizes also include a Canon 35mm digital camera and $5,000 in spending money.

They’re also having 25 daily drawings for $1,000 each.

To enter, visit the Gestalt site and register. Registration takes the form of playing a neat little inkblot game where you try to match the inkblot to one of 10 possible photographs. On my first try I scored zero out of three. ;-)

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