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Meet Linda Plaisted and her many muses

Photographers have been creating art since photography was invented. For some, the art is in capturing a scene in as “pure” a state as possible—just as it was in the viewfinder. But for others, the photograph is just a starting point. Linda Plaisted is one such artist who demonstrates in striking fashion how photography can be used as a basis for artistic expression rather than just as an end in itself. Calling upon her background as a painter, photographer, illustrator and mixed media artist (and writer!), Linda layers photographs and textures to create works with a dreamy, surreal feeling. Often devoid of people, her deserted landscapes and rural scenes possess a haunting beauty. Continue reading about Linda’s work in her own words.

Linda writes, “I think it would be wonderful to encourage creative individuals to take their photography beyond what they see through the viewfinder. I often use my camera as a first step, then layer and rework images and textures to recreate concepts, places and fragments of dreams I have seen only in my imagination.”

Visions of Aeroplanes Danced in His Head
Visions of Aeroplanes Danced in His Head

“As a painter and mixed media artist I have shown my work in galleries and museums all over North America. After my son was born, I took time away from my exhibition schedule to raise him, and turned to photography as a creative outlet since I no longer had the time required to sit for hours in front of an easel. I had studied photography in art school, and my Flickr stream will attest that I still take take plenty of standard photographs, but I found that I needed self-imposed creative challenges to keep my many muses thriving. I embarked upon several series of images experimenting with innovative post-processing techniques. I am still learning…”

Above and Beyond
Above and Beyond

“I am most pleased with my recent Lost Landscapes series in which I layer and piece together fragments of actual landscapes from my travels around the world to create a completely fictional place that exists only in the memory of my imagination.”

The Lost Landscapes
The Lost Landscapes

Photography is a wonderful medium in itself. But, as Linda has shown, it can become much more. The photographs in this article are all from Linda’s Lost Landscapes series. Definitely have a look at the entire set and the rest of her work as well. I’m especially fond of the Driveby and Touch Wood series.

Thank you, Linda!


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