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Did Newsweek go too far?

Inside the September 14th issue, Newsweek featured a full-page photo of Dick Cheney holding a knife over a bloody piece of meat along with this caption:

“I am.” Dick Cheney on Fox News Sunday, in response to the question, “So even these cases where [C.I.A. interrogators] went beyond the specific legal authorization, you’re O.K. with it?”

View the photos at the NY Times “Lens” blog.

The original photograph taken by David Hume Kennerly shows Dick Cheney in his daughter’s kitchen with his family. Newsweek cropped out two-thirds of the original photo. The problem as Mr. Kennerly sees it:

However, Newsweek’s objective in running the cropped version was to illustrate its editorial point of view, which could only have been done by shifting the content of the image so that readers just saw what the editors wanted them to see. This radical alteration is photo fakery. Newsweek’s choice to run my picture as a political cartoon not only embarrassed and humiliated me and ridiculed the subject of the picture, but it ultimately denigrated my profession.

Photojournalists fight the credibility battle every day, from combating digitally faked photos to being lumped in with the paparazzi, a group of camera-carrying cretins who have no respect for anything, particularly the people they hound. In the case of my Cheney photo, Newsweek is guilty not just of blurring but of blowing up that line between tabloid-style sensationalism and honest photojournalism.

Essay: Chop and Crop, David Hume Kennerly

Kennerly argues that incidents like this contribute to the growing lack of trust people have for journalism. It certainly presents a biased view. Politics aside, if your goal as a photographer is to present an honest, objective view of the world, having your photograph cut to pieces for sensationalism is, to put it mildly, bad. On the other hand, this is nothing new—photography never tells the whole truth.

What’s your take? Did Newsweek go too far? Is this the equivalent of a Photoshop fake?

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