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How to Take Better Winter Landscape Photos

Winter is personally my least favorite time of year – it’s cold, it’s depressing, there’s barely any sun out. But one thing that even I have to admit is that winter landscapes make for positively fantastic photographs – if you know how to approach them.  There are a couple of issues that even amateur photographers will notice when they take their camera out in December with the goal of photographing a beautiful snowy landscape.  The lack of contrast, the awkward low angle of the sun, and often the inability to find anything that stands out – primarily since everything is covered with snow.

winter landscape 3If you want to get some fantastic snow shots in, I have some advice that might come in handy.

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How To Get The Most Out Of A Model Shoot

As a fashion photographer, I can say that the model is the key to good people photography. Aside from an elaborate concept, a professional team, an interesting location, fine light setting, good equipment and finally your editing skills, it’s the model’s looks and attitude that define the quality of your shooting results.

title3So it might be important to keep her or him happy and motivated during the whole production, otherwise there’s the risk that something certain will be missing in the pictures.

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Features You Need To Know Before Buying Camcorders under $500

When choosing the right camcorder for your needs, you need to have a general understanding of all the important camcorder features. Knowing about these features as well as how to control them will make your video making process easier and quicker.camcorder features-mainYou can also be confident that you’ll be able to handle any situation you’ll face that might prevent you from taking that ‘perfect shot’.

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How Marketing And Finance Could Derail Your Photography Business

It’s is not often that we find people going into businesses that have been widely regarded as sole entrepreneurship. Recently in the photography business, firms can take up to fifty employees in a single office with each photographer doing their thing.

finance-mainHowever, the journey to be like the top photography companies who have fifty or more employees as an example, Getty image, Shutterstock and a lot like them in the same business didn’t start today.

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