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How Many Camera Bags Do You Need?

Camera bags. Who knew there would be so much choice? I certainly didn’t as I took my first steps into the world of photography. From small camera shaped bags which perfectly fit the contours of your camera to large wheeled suitcases designed to store and transport a whole range of photographic equipment the choice can be overwhelming. Then, after talking to your photography buddies and reading about pro-photographer’s choices of camera bag you start to wonder if you were naive to think that one camera bag would be just fine.


After all, exactly how many camera bags do you need? Not to worry, we’re here to help you figure that out.

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How to Take Stunning Photographs in Night Fog

Fog Photography is an ethereal, atmospheric form of outdoor photography that produces some of the most beautiful photographs. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most difficult to capture. From the wrong exposure to a serious lack of contrast, there are many ways fog photography at night can go wrong.


In this post, you’ll learn how to take stunning photographs in night fog for the best results.

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15 Global Photography Events You Should Participate In

Meeting experienced and amateur photographers from around the world gives you the opportunity to expand your skill set, whilst getting inspiration for your future projects. A great way to do this is by participating in photography events and competitions.


Fortunately, there are countless photography events around the world for you to choose from.

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Are Camera Tripods Universal?

A tripod is an essential part of every shutterbug’s gear. It is used by every type of photographer, hobbyist, or professional, no matter what they specialize in. When you start looking out for a tripod, you’ll notice that there are thousands of tripods available from different brands and different price points. Which brings us to the topic of this post—are camera tripods universal?


The short answer is yes; camera tripods are universal. But, it is a bit more complicated than that, and you might want to read the complete article before you head out and buy one for your camera.

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Synchronizing Your Flash with the Sun (Synchro-sunlight)

Filling deep shadows with artificial light has been a part of photo technique since the invention of flash powder in the 1880s. Synchronizing a handheld flash with ambient sunlight is a terrific way to soften shadows and create professional looking images. Synchro-sunlight or fill flash, two names by which it is often called, is used by many of the greatest street and travel photographers; press photographers using handheld cameras (watch those flashes go off at any press conference), and is a required skill for portrait, wedding, and fashion photographers.

synchronize-main The concept is quite simple: use your flash to illuminate the subject and use sunlight to illuminate the background.

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