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How to Fix Photoshop Brush Lag: 5 Steps

One of the most frustrating things that can happen while editing photos is lag. Especially photoshop brush lag. Imagine, you’re right in the middle of doing some intricate touch-up edits to finalise an amazing photo for your portfolio or for a client and you cannot get the photoshop brush to do the edits in the exact place that you want it to because it keeps lagging. I know there is only so long before I would want to throw my computer out the window through sheer frustration!


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Are Full Frame Cameras Better in Low Light?

If you’ve been involved in photography for any time, you know there is a huge debate around full-frame cameras vs other sensor size cameras. Much like the Mac vs PC debate, or the iOS vs Android debate, this debate has shutterbugs riled up everywhere. Today, I am going to answer an important question from the debate, which is, are full-frame cameras better in low light? The answer is quite surprising.


Continue reading to find out.

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9 Ways To Backup Photos While Traveling Without A Computer

Picture this. You’re on an amazing trip. You’ve been taking photos left and right. You’re absolutely ecstatic because of the incredible images you’ve been blessed to capture.

Then, on the last day of your trip, something happens. It could be anything, your camera gets stolen, or you lose the memory card, or you douse the whole kit and kaboodle in the river. It doesn’t matter what, but something destroys/erases/loses all your amazing photos.

What do you do?

If you’ve read this post and followed the tips we’re about to share on how to backup your photos even without a computer, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief because you were prepared. You haven’t lost all your incredible images — just maybe a camera or a memory card, which can be replaced.

If you haven’t read this post…well, then we’ll just give you a moment to mourn your incredible loss…


…then suggest that you read this post so that this awful occurrence never happens to you again.

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Creative Ways to Display Your Photography at Home

Photographs have always been intended to provide us with memories to last a lifetime. Of course, the technology has certainly evolved over the past 150 years. There are now countless ways to display our most precious images. Photo albums and high-definition emails are two common examples. However, what if you instead wish to place photos throughout the home? What options are at your disposal?


Let us take a look at some worthwhile methods to consider as well as a handful of alternatives that are truly stunning to behold.

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A Photographer’s Guide to Selling

Before you invest in an expensive degree in Photography or a related program, read this guide. There are countless methods for lucrative photography sales.


That’s because today, more people are purchasing art and printed photography than ever before. Continue reading for a comprehensive guide on selling photography.

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