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What are the Best Phones for Photographers?

Many photographers own two cameras – a DSLR plus lenses for ‘serious’ photography and a compact camera of sorts to carry around for unexpected photo opportunities. Or else they may opt for a so-called ‘bridge’ camera with a built-in zoom lens. Some of these are almost the size of a DSLR which may then lead to the need for a smaller compact camera.


Keen photographers tend to feel naked if they don’t have some means of capturing images with them –‘what if I see something amazing? I will always kick myself for not having my camera with me.’ Hence the need for compact cameras…

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How to Buy A DSLR Camera For Beginners

Thinking of buying your first camera? Congratulations! Upgrading to a DSLR or mirrorless camera is an exciting time, and will open up many opportunities for you to expand your photography. Maybe you’re thinking of upgrading from your camera phone –and are looking for a DSLR that’s up to the task.


Regardless of whether you’re looking to take your photography to the next level or if you’re just hoping for a decent camera that will allow you to take amazing vacation snaps and family portraits, you’ll want to ensure that the model that you purchase is the right one for you.

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Creating Spectacular Photo Displays with Digital Projectors

If you are reading this, it is likely that you take copious amounts of photographs. A few years ago, families would gather around their Kodak carousel slide projector and look at 35 mm slides of family vacations. There was something that was almost magical about seeing images on the big screen in living color. Really, back then, a homemade slideshow was the only experience that most people had seeing something on a big screen outside of the movie theater. It was a great way for families to remember special events and special times.


The digital revolution changed what people expect when it comes to how photographs should be experienced.

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7 Tips and Tricks to Learn From Commercial Photographers

The world of photography is an exciting one, and it is only getting more and more accessible as technology improves. Technically, anyone with a smartphone can be a photographer; whether or not you choose to be a “good” photographer is up to you.

Commercial photographers are some of the most sought after image-takers in the world as they have to be well-rounded, creative, and technically savvy. In other words, they know what they are doing.


For those of you who are just beginning your photography journey, or would like to take your picture-taking skills to a higher level, here are seven tips and tricks to learn from commercial photographers.

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