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Zooming with your feet

Conventional wisdom says that prime (non-zoom) lenses are the highest quality lenses money can buy. But that wisdom is being challenged by high quality zoom lenses that match or even rival the sharpness and contrast of the best primes. Make no mistake, the best zoom lenses aren’t cheap or small. But the convenience afforded by a zoom lens, even an inexpensive one, to crop with a twist of the wrist or the touch of a button is hard to resist. The ubiquity of the zoom on compact cameras and as part of SLR kits may have led some to believe that zooming in on a subject is the same as getting physically closer. But there is a big difference between zooming with your lens and “zooming” with your feet.

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Photodoto Grand Opening contest winners announced

There were over 180 high-quality entries in the Grand Opening contest. Thank you to everyone who participated. It was a pleasure going through the entries even though it was incredibly difficult to narrow it down to just three who would take home the prizes. The judges were looking for technical excellence, adherence to the theme, and visual impact (the ones that really caught their eye). But these three winners stood out with unanimous appeal. So, without any further delay:

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How to find out who is blogging your photos

One of the facts of life on the internet is that if you put something online, publicly, that is in the least bit interesting, someone is eventually going to link to it. This rule applies to everything, including photographs. [If that bothers you, well, you have one option: don’t put your photos online in a public location.] It would be nice if everyone who linked to one of your photographs told you about it, but that doesn’t happen too often. So, how do you know when someone links to one of your photos? Read on to find out.

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The Blue Marble, an amazing photograph

The Blue MarbleI’m not sure if NASA read my advice about getting in close and filling the frame or not. On the one hand, you can see that this beautiful, full-color photograph of the Earth fills the frame. On the other hand, the shot was taken from 700km away. So, it fills the frame, but close? No way! Actually, this is a composite image stitched together back in 2002 from many smaller, true-color images of portions of the Earth’s surface taken over several months. The images are freely available to the public.

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