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Kodak knows how old you are

I don’t normally cover news items but I thought this one was particularly interesting. Kodak has a patent on a technology that can determine a person’s age by measuring the red-eye in a photograph. Finally, a use for red-eye other than making people look like demons. Just think, in the future, instead of asking people how old they are, businesses of all kinds may just flash you in the face with a camera. A possible use outlined in Kodak’s patent is to be able to sell people age-appropriate advertising with their photo prints. [via DailyTech]

Did you know? Cameras are made for right-handed people.

Right-handed people like myself may have never even thought about what it’s like for a left-handed person to use a camera. But look around. When was the last time you saw a camera with the shutter button on the left? Most of the controls are on the right side. Think about what it would be like. Imagine cradling the camera and lens with the other hand. It’s awkward just to think about it. And yet, for left-handed folks, it’s a fact of life.

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Clearing up depth of field

There seems to be a lot of confusion among beginners and experienced photographers alike about what “depth of field” really is. Most people seem to know it has something to do with focus. But beyond that, it seems like a bit of a magical beast. Like most photography concepts, this one is pretty simple to understand. Read on and we’ll demystify this important subject.

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