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How Marketing And Finance Could Derail Your Photography Business

It’s is not often that we find people going into businesses that have been widely regarded as sole entrepreneurship. Recently in the photography business, firms can take up to fifty employees in a single office with each photographer doing their thing.

finance-mainHowever, the journey to be like the top photography companies who have fifty or more employees as an example, Getty image, Shutterstock and a lot like them in the same business didn’t start today.

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Cameras for Real Estate Photography

As a photographer, you need to invest in the right gear for your business. Your cameras are your tools for capturing the photos that your clients will love. These are also going to be your partners in making money throughout your career.  The goal is investment in gear that will allow you to capture great quality photos while making sure these will last you quite some time as you work on different projects in the industry.

cameras for real estate- main

Let’s look at some great cameras for real estate photography.

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A Quick Primer On Resolution and Photo Scanning

When you are setting out to digitize your collection of old photos and film, scanning resolution is an important attribute to consider. This number is crucial when you are thinking of printing your scanned images rather than just viewing them on a screen.

photo scanning-mainSince most people, at some point or the other, will want to create memorable keepsakes – framed prints, enlargements, photo books and more – using their digitized photos, it is important to understand how scanning resolution can impact their results.

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